Get some breakfast, we’ve just signed up for our morning tour. So we leave in like 20 minutes.

And they’re gonna show us the merlion which is. I don’t know you can see, it’s up, it’s like half lion half mermaid, it’s a big fountain in Singapore a fortune, we’re not going to see Marina Bay Sands or the metal garden, I’m at the urban guard. I don’t know what, it’s called but basically have giant trees made out of metal.

And they all light up that was last night but I don’t know if. I included that or not but basically we had a delay on our flight.

And because of the delay we were we missed the deadline for sign up. So I was a bit of a bummer but today I’ll be good, I’m excited to see Singapore cuz. I really don’t know, it’s expect.

I know, it’s a beautiful city. And a well-organized one. So, we’re just doing here getting ready for a tour.

And guess what. I just saw guys no no just tell me don’t care plan this looks exactly like Nesquik like seriously think, it’s Nesquik look this is exactly loud eat breakfast like every single day when I was seven to like 15 years old all over the Singapore two-hour bus the bus of dreams.

And this miracle is about to happen when you century wrong Academy that we are now the city in the gardens. And beautiful walk away you can see the rain abates hands behind all those trees the world’s second most expensive building welcome ship casters but um lighting for the f1 race they have a formula when their races around the city here, it’s just beginning in a couple weeks the city is. So beautiful yeah that’s very hot the bus driver was telling us that 50 years ago the city had nearly like 25 percent of its population unemployed it was extremely polluted like a lot of Asia basically no one owned housing.

Map of SINGAPORE Photo Gallery

And then in the past 50 years, we’ve gotten to the point where 90 over 90. I think they said there’s 2 percent unemployment which compared to even Canada Canada’s around 6 or 7 percent. So, it’s just incredible how far the city has come it’s so green they’ve built. So many bit of beautiful buildings. And for like the first time in all of Asia.

I’ve seen they actually like really emphasize beautiful parks. And green spaces it’s so beautiful.

And right here is the merlion statue, it’s half lion half mermaid you’ll get a better view of an insect. And right behind it you can see three massive buildings holding up a ship that’s the marina base end. And, it’s actually the world’s highest up pool, it’s a really iconic infinity pool up there.

So cool if. I had more time in Singapore. I would have tried to get up there but we only have a few hours of Hong Kong or here in Singapore there’s the merlion there the city actually reminds me a lot of Hong Kong but I’d say this is even more beautiful than Hong Kong.

I really love Hong Kong. I definitely think. I could.

I could see myself coming back to Singapore one day hopefully spending the week here, it’s just. So incredible, it’s very expensive but I guess it deserves the price.

And over there over there you can see a giant Ferris wheel type thing an observatory. And, it’s actually 30 meters smaller than the. And I in London.

And just over there as well they have an f1 track being built. So inside the city they have Formula One races that are going to go. And the start.

I think in two weeks or. So he said. And another cool building is right there they have the Opera House.

And it kind of looks like a some sort of a conch shell. And here’s a smaller replica for those who don’t want to deal with fighting for a good photo in front of the real bear line we had to wait like three four minutes just to get in front of this group people like the Chinese tourists love their photos. And they’ll take one photo of themselves one photo with their other friend two photos with the other other friend.

And three photos with the other other friend – the other friend, it’s just like they have to get the combination of like on my own with my friend with two friends with three friends with a white person like they just take forever and. So they do their little photo shoot. And then you basically have to like get in there quick before the next group of Chinese doors come in.

And start doing the same thing the fierce culture out here you know you gotta fight for your photos, I’m a police station now in houses Ministry of Culture of the EU. And communication. And information five Kings 800 years ago crew is Island.

So Singapore is the second most densely populated country in the world. And this is their downtown side look the roads are literally empty. And the reason why is actually because of something called ERP, it’s electronic road pricing.

So they actually charge people to use every single Road from Monday to Saturday Sunday is there’s the pricing is off. So, it’s free to drive on Sundays but basically you have to pay to use the roads. So it becomes becomes a good for basically the wealthy or those who really need to use it so.

I know, I’m sure it has a lot of criticisms but it’s so nice to be in a downtown side where you can literally just drive anywhere. And it’s so accessible to get around but it also means that more money would be pour it into their public system. So, it’s definitely got a lot of pros, it’s pretty incredible to hear what Singapore has achieved actually because the more he talks about it the more you realize how advanced the society really is, it’s like you said 50 years ago they were very struggling society. And in 1985 they were like the first in the world to become a country without homeless people.

So, it’s just incredible obviously a lot of good government policies. And really good management also another funny fact the reason you’re being. So clean here is a very severe punishment for littering.

So if you get caught littering the first time, it’s a thousand dollar fine which in u.s. dollars is probably about $900 u.

S. maybe a bit less but crazy fine if you get caught littering a second time again you pay that same 1000 Singapore dollar fine but then you also have to spend 10 days cleaning the roads, we’re in a little fragrant shop here. And they’re all oil-based perfumes because alcohol is forbidden in a lot of muscle sculptures.

I assume that’s why they don’t use alcohol, it’s really cool a lot of Indian different scents all over the world really but pretty pretty darn neat, I’m sure you can buy that that’s a camel Abby just tried on young, we’re getting kind of old, we’re a bit old now this is my kind of scent City did you soon Paul his life back on the shuttle our tour guides actually really awesome it was a lot about the city he’s really good at answering questions. And like most. And unlike most Asian countries.

I can actually understand what he’s saying. So, it’s awesome. And he’s doing that thank you for your wha those are some big guns we just finished our tour.

And, we’re back in the airport, it’s actually incredible like the best airport ever they have free foot massages they have a full theater that’s for free 24/7 they have a butterfly garden they have a Sun flower garden literally everything you can think of it happier they have sleeping stations charging stations free Wi-Fi around the entire airport everything’s just like perfect you know the people that check your pocket before you come to a country. And they’re always like staring at you. And like really angry.

And bitter. And they take your passport. And they don’t say anything well like Singapore Airport they actually smile.

And they offer you candy. So that’s a lot this is Edith Edith try it on too much perfume. And now she smells like an old woman going to church service yeah you smells too strongly.

So, we’re gonna get you to fall cleaned off maybe go find our new book personality. And attitude she’s a bit angry right now you’re very angry oh my gosh she’s getting too close seriously. I really hope we miss her flight.

I could spend the rest of my life at this Airport oh my gosh free foot massages like what. And now we have 20 dollars each to go spend on lunch because we got given a free voucher for no apparent reason. I just got an email one day from the Changi Airport before coming here.

And they’re like hey cushion. I see you have a long layover here’s $20 to go eat. And like.

I say yeah needless to say Singapore your layover has become a vacation. I can actually, it’s been a trip to come here without even like booking a trip to Singapore. So, it’s been super cool Bali we will be there.

I think we leave in about three hours maybe a little bit more maybe never we might not leave the airport. So that’s all coasters TC. So epic Abby’s a friggin about varnish that terrianne we are heading to Bali now.

I have no idea how far like to know more than tomorrow morning the car drop for three minutes. So as long as you don’t eat my CDs Molly is gonna be awesome we have. So many things set up to do, I’m really excited to go into recruiting all nights in a really beautiful hotel, we’ve been invited to do gosh 60 holiday, we’ve been invited to do they’ve got two tours we got invited to be really really fun why, we’ve got time.

I say go. I can burn the going on chillin with my determined body. And very nice little tea sit back relax sounds to us.

I was here tigerair Singapore then, it’s been a huge massive slice like another thing massive slicing. And we will be back one day when we have money because you’re expensive but we had you know the Changi Airport Oh.

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