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One country in Southeast Asia that remains untouched and unexplored is Laos. This is the best destination for the travellers who want to experience adventure along with endless natural beauty. The best way to travel in Laos is a bicycle, because it lets you come more and more close to nature.

There are various places to visit in Laos, but in order to make your trip a little different; you can travel to Luang Nam Tha. This is a small town situated just a few kilometers away from the very popular ancient city Luang Prabang. The best thing about this town is that it is situated in a valley surrounded with river Emerald Green Mountain and numerous rice fields. Other than these mountains, there are other beautiful and stunning attractions in this place that you can explore by taking a ride on your bicycle. For the mountains, you can trek on them by taking help of a guide or professional trekkers.

Apart from this town, there are many places in the north that has some of the most spectacular drives in Asia and the border town Muang Sing.

Renting a Bike:

It is not necessary that you need to buy a bike for experiencing a cycling tour; you can enjoy it even by renting a bicycle. In these towns like Luang Prabang, Luang Nam Tha and Muang Sing, arranging a rented bicycle is not a hard task. There are numerous places in these towns, from where you can get hold of these rented bikes. The best thing about these rented bikes is that most of them are brand new and charges very less for a day.

Luang Namtha is a great place to explore in a bike because traffic is very less over here, and all the roads are in great conditions. Hence, you won’t face a huge problem in riding you’re on this road. But few of these roads are not in a great condition, but still it will make you feel great because it takes you a little more close to nature.

Here Are Some Attractions That You Might Explore In Your Bike Ride:

Just five kilometer away from the town Luang Nam Tha lays the Lantern Village of Ban Nam Dee. You can visit this place in your bicycle to see the villagers wearing the traditional indigo dyed costumes and make bamboo papers.

Ride through the paddy fields near the Chinese border. If you have ever dreamt of riding between the paddy fields that is situated near the mountain, then this is the perfect place. Visit this area during the time of sunset to discover its ultimate beauty.

Also, explore the Tai Dam village situated on the Nam Tha River. The stunning view of this destination is best enjoyed in a bicycle ride.

Cycling across Laos can be really adventurous and interesting if visited with family and friends. You can also ask your tour operator for a cycling tour.

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