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In large part, the accessories you purchase for your RV will determine how you will utilize your rig. Meaning, will you stay within a 500 mile radius of your home, or are you intent on pulling a boat over a 6,000 mile long-haul?

The point being, it’s your goals that will formulate the basis for the accessories you invest in.


As an example, if you’re an avid fisherman, you might wish to install a built-in propane freezer as a way to store your catch. Or, you may prefer to opt for a refrigerator upgrade to one that has a larger freezer.


Figuring out the laundry conundrum often poses a few problems. If you’re on the road, it’s not necessarily easy to solve clothes washing scenarios.

Ever thought about installing a washer-dryer combo?

Might seem like a cumbersome addition to a tightly-fitting motorhome. But these days there are petite washer-dryers that require no electrical power to run.

Propane Heater

Another potentially valuable addition to the lineup of motorhome accessories might be a propane heater. Some of them are gas’ guzzlers they eat the electrical power and/ or propane gas like crazy. But others, which serve to take the chill off the air, are very economical to run indeed.


When you invest in a new rig, generators tend to be listed as optional’. This is a good reason to buy a used rig, so the previous owner is the one to have absorbed the $3,000 necessary for this optional’ extra.

Solar Panels and Batteries

Good solar panels in addition to a good set of deep cycle batteries, serve as an excellent way to help you achieve your power needs for the backwoods park up or boondocking trip.

The deep cycle batteries have to be maintained. And with battery maintenance comes cleaning in addition to the appropriate charge/ discharge cycles.

Wind Generator

A further power option is that of a wind generator. All the same, although they are cheap to buy, some of them make a continual low frequency noise which can be a little perturbing. And if you are using an RV to get away from it all’, why would you want a persistent noise in the background? A bit of a contradiction going on there.


There are very many more RV accessories you can add to your own lineup: Fold up chairs; paper plate dispensers, and so forth. It all comes down to your own set of priorities.

But one thing you certainly can’t do without is an RV mechanic you can trust. For any RV mechanical requirements, look no further than Phoenix RV repair.

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