How to Get Fit For Your Next Travel


‘The way I eat changes often to keep it varied. The Only thing that remains constant is my breakfast but, when travelling, even that’s difficult to maintain.One morning, I might have almond butter with blueberries, a banana anda plant-based protein,whizzed up into a smoothie.The next day, I might have an avocado, raspberry and protein smoothie. I’ll change what I have in the smoothie– even the type of protein.I’m not dairy-sensitive, but I Do think too much dairy can have a negative effect.Rather than having whey protein, I’ll often have a vegan pea, hemp or quinoa protein.’

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‘I have a colourful plate for all meals. Lunch mightbe avocado toast with chicken or another meaton top. I have my “go-to”meals that I’ll grab and go– but when I have time to prepare a meal, I make sure I vary what I cook.’


‘I have protein with every meal to help keep my lean muscle mass up. It can also help you to lose weight as it allows the body to burn more calories at rest, raising the BMR (basal metabolic rate). So, if a snack is an apple or banana (which doesn’t contain protein),I’ll add a protein source.’


‘I’m a big fan of fish, dinner might be grilled salmon on rice with a variety of colourful vegetables. I try to be mindful when preparing and eating my food. I have small routines I can follow if I have time, even when I’m travelling.’


‘When I work with people, Iuse the philosophy “sweat,think and act”. Look at diet and exercise but, also,embrace mindfulness and connect with the people in your life who support you.True health is not just doing exercise and eating well,but working on all the other parts of your life, too.’


‘I keep my protein levels high because my goal is to maintain lean muscle mass. So, after resistance training, within 15 minutes, I have another protein shake of some kind and some fructose [a simple sugar in the form of an apple, for example].Depending on the style of training you’re doing, you can change your PCF(protein-carbohydrate-fat)ratios. If you’re trying to build lean muscle mass,increase your protein. If You’re doing endurance training, make sure you’re getting enough fuel with carbohydrates. It all depends on your goal.’


‘I think Jessie’s idea of focusing on a colourful plate for all of his meals is an excellent approach to achieving a healthy balanced diet. I also like the fact that he says he often changes the way he eats in order to keep his diet varied. It’s very easy to get stuck in a food rut, eating the same, week in week out, particularly when you lead a busy life.But eating a varied diet is important and the best way to ensure that you get all of the nutrients and phytochemicals you need to help keep your body healthy.’

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