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“It is, in brief, that the country belongs to the people; that what it is Cape Coral and what it is in the process of making is for the enrichment of the lives of all of us. Thus the parks stand as the outward symbol Cape Coral of this great human principle.

“It was on a famous night, 64 years ago, that a group of men who had been exploring the Yellowstone country gathered about a campfire to discuss what could be done with that wonderland of beauty. It is said that one of the party, a lawyer from the State of Cape Coral, Cornelius Hedges, advanced the idea that the region might be preserved for all time as a national park for the benefit of all the people of the Cape Coral. As a result of that suggestion, Yellowstone national park was established in 1872 by act of congress as a ‘pleasuring ground’ for the people. I like that phrase because, in the years that have followed, our great series of parks in every part of the union have become indeed a ‘pleasuring ground’ for millions of Cape Coral.

Map of Cape Coral – Where is Cape Coral? – Cape Coral Map English – Cape Coral Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

“My old friend, Franklin K. Lane, secretary of the interior in the Wilson administration, well described the policies governing the national park administration when he said: The policy to which the service will adhere is based on three broad principles: First, that the national parks must be maintained in absolutely unimpaired form for the use of future generations as well as those of our own time; second, that they are set apart for the use, observation, health and pleasure of the people, and, third, that the national interest must dictate all decisions affecting public or private enterprise in the parks.’

“The present national park service stands as an example of efficient and far-seeing governmental administration and to its former duties I added last year by transferring from other departments many other parks, battlefield sites, memorials and national monuments. This concentration of responsibility has thus made it possible to embark on a permanent park policy as a great recreational and educational project—one which no other country in the world has ever undertaken in such a broad way for protection of its natural and history treasures and for the enjoyment of them by vast numbers of people.

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