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As summer fades and the nights draw in, we all start to think again about holidays. Sunny and warm – or even cold and maybe a bit damp – they say a change is as good as rest, and a change of scene can really help to boost your spirits. But what are the best holiday tips to ensure your time away really is a holiday, and not a hassle?

Getting a good deal is a must. With the Internet, there really is no excuse for not being able to hunt down the best prices, from flights to accommodation and attractions. If you know where you want to go, or even if you don’t, joining the mailing lists of the bigger travel companies can mean you know the best deals as soon as they happen. You can pick up some amazing deals at short notice – but if you don’t want the stress of waiting to see what’s left at a good price, and risking a camping holiday in rainy Britain, then look for early deals.

Comparing how your holiday stacks up if either bought separately or as a package is another good idea. Fully inclusive can be good value if you tend to spend your holidays lounging by the pool, but if you tend to go out most days and enjoy places off the beaten tourist track, then independent travelling might be better for you. Comparing currency rates before you go can also be a good idea – exchanging your money at the airport rarely gives you the best rates.

Similarly, it’s better to arrange a hire car in advance than at the airport desk, as not only will you be able to get a better idea of how much you should pay but also a better selection of cars available at your destination. You will also be better placed in advance to understand the full implications of car hire, which often comes with quite a high excess, should you need to claim. It is possible to remove this, but often this can only be purchased at the rental desk, and can be quite expensive. It is however possible to get excess insurance in advance for both single and annual trips. This could be a very good value advance purchase!

Lost luggage is a rare event, but just in case you should end up with lost or even delayed luggage, it’s a good idea to pack cleverly, putting valuables in your hand luggage and mixing up your packing rather than keeping suitcases for each person. That way, if one gets lost, that person won’t be totally without clothes. Similarly, taking a copy of your passport can be useful, along with your driving licence, just in case of loss.

Finally, travel insurance is a wise purchase; however it is very important to make sure you understand exactly what you are insured for. If you plan to take part in any unusual activities make sure that you have paid for a policy which protects you. Lots of ways to improve your holiday experience!

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