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Kenya is such a beautiful place to be for a safari travel. The aura and environment here is just stupendous and accommodation and travel here is so much fun. Travelers love coming here and again and that is not only because of the Safari but also the luxury accommodation and hospitality in Kenya. Here is the list of 5 of the best resorts and hotels in Kenya that have become a synonym of luxury and hospitality

Mara Plains Camp

Just at the north of the unbelievable Masai Mara National Reserve, in the peaceful wild of the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, there are seven tents covered up inside a brush of riverine trees. To get to them, you take after a wooden walkway that leads straight between an acacia tree’s limbs, which bend upward like a candelabra. Acacia trees, level topped and apparently solidified in movement, are an image of East Africa, and this specific tree was a main element when National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert and their accomplices at Great Plains Conservation set out to fabricate a hotel here. The tree is a characteristic door to an outstanding luxury safari travel experience.

Mara Plains Camp is without a moment’s delay rich and unassuming. The seven lifted tents and the primary camp territory are made of harsh slashed wooden floors and surging canvas and loaded with an impeccable gathering of decorations and stylistic layout that review the pioneer impacts of past hundreds of years, and in addition Kenya’s Swahili and Maasai roots. Whether you seek the thundering wildebeest, the rainbow-hued feathered creatures, or to encounter the way of life of the Maasai individual firsthand, Mara Plains Camp is the ideal setting for submerging yourself in the persona and the excellence of the East African savanna.

Governors Camp Il Moran Maasai Mara

The camp for the individuals who need that additional piece of luxury. We’ve kept Governors’ IL Moran Camp little and cozy, with included touches that make this the highest point of the reach safari. IL Moran is broadly viewed as the debut camp in the Masai Mara. Covered up under old trees, somewhere down in the timberland, are only 10 tents. They line the twisting banks of the Mara River. You’ll be the individual visitor of our administrator, who’ll care for all your needs. The camp is arranged along the banks of the Mara River, right in the heart of the Masai Mara Game Reserve, with the best diversion seeing right on your doorstep. Governors Il Moran Camp has been recompensed a Silver Eco Rating by Eco Tourism Kenya for our ecological practices both in camp and with our neighboring group.

The Camp – Around one hundred years prior this spot put aside for the legislative leader of Kenya and his imperial visitors. Today, here are the four advanced, luxury tented camps of Governors’, each of the pioneer vibe. The other three Governors ‘Camps are The Governors’ Main Camp, Little Governors ‘Camp Governors’ Private Camp.

Accommodation – The Camp comprise of ten roomy and agreeable safari tents spread all through the range. Every one of the tents are furnished with latrine, shower with hot and chilly water supply each with a private veranda with genuine furniture. From your tent you have a pleasant perspective of the waterway, where conceivable, crocodiles and hippos from the stream passage. There is no power in the tents yet at night there is sufficient light of the paraffin and gas lights, creating an uncommon air. In the morning, visitors wake up with an espresso and tea, amid which time the newly heated breads and breakfast arranged.

Hemingways Nairobi Masai Mara

“This private tented camp flanking the Masai Mara is your enclave of luxury in the most stunning landscape of Kenya and also the most famous travel destination in Kenya for Safair tour. We have a decision of 10 selective tents in which to host you and the whole 200km square of Naboisho Conservancy to uncover only to you.

The area – the conservancy outskirts the Mara, no wall to repress the movement of creatures which implies you ought to see the enormous five and the various indigenous creatures on your check list right here, some of the time inside five minutes of the camp. Just vehicles from the properties are permitted in the conservancy, so you see untamed life, not mini busses. The perspective from the camp is awesome, the Mara is for the most part level fields yet we are hoisted on a rough slope so you can see for miles.

The tents – The span of the tents is exceptional and the flawless pallor of the hues compliments the magnificence of the configuration. The general population – The lion’s share of our staff were raised inside a 15km span of the camp. They know the area personally and they think about it. Everybody has phenomenal information of the zone, not just the aides. So in case you’re in the feasting tent and you indicate the slopes and ask the server what they’re called, he’ll let you know the name and what it implies. The administration – We’re little and by and by tailor each day to suit what you need. We’re amicable, absolutely adaptable and committed to making your time at Ol Seki an unparalleled enterprise in the domains of safari. We eat with you and host you by the fireside yet we likewise know how to create all out security for you at whatever point you feel like it.


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