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Economic liberalization was introduced in China in 1978 and since then, it has become one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Like all other sectors, food packaging industry is also booming in China and has domestic as well as international customers. Owing to fast-paced lifestyles, food packaging has become very popular and has grown to become a competitive business.

Good quality food packaging allows food to remain fresh for a longer time. It also prevents food contamination due to environmental exposure. Good packaging allows you to carry your food with you. It has been known that synthetic chemicals that are used for packaging may leach into the food. Improper packaging materials may also react with chemicals in the food causing spoilage and potential infections. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that you purchase food grade packaging materials only from a certified vendor.

Food packaging is used for family picnics and holidays. It may also be done for school picnics. However, it also finds use in the corporate sector for distribution of snacks during corporate events and meetings. For outdoor events, seminars and conferences, packed food can be given to the guests during breaks for consumption or for taking away. For all these purposes, sturdy and quality food packaging materials must be used.

Aluminium is the most commonly used material for food packaging. It is resistant to heat and can be easily folded. Aluminium foiled trays, pans and plates are commonly used. You can get deep bowls of various shapes depending on what items you want to put in. Plates divided into three to six sections can be used for packaging full meals. Disposable cutlery made from food grade polystyrene and polypropylene should also be given along with the packaged food. Aluminium trays of customized sizes are also available for storing pizza, cakes and other desserts. Aluminium foils of different thickness and quality are available for food and drink packaging as well.

The Chinese government has strict regulations for materials used in food packaging to ensure that there are no potential health hazards associated with it. It has also addressed the environmental concerns arising due to excessive use of packaging. All licensed manufacturers adhere to the regulations and quality standards. You can find a certified food packaging manufacturer in China who will take care of all your requirements.

So, choose a company that has good packaging infrastructure consisting of machines and trained staff. An experienced company will also export the food packaging containers and ensure timely delivery.

Food packaging containers of different materials such as aluminium are also used by restaurants and bakeries for packing takeaway items. They can also be placed directly in the oven to heat the food content. It is ideal to keep pre-cooked food warm and passengers in aircrafts and trains are also served food in disposable aluminium containers. Food packaging is also popular in gifting industry for packing cakes and sweets during festive seasons and celebrations. Food packages can be attractively packed and may have the logo of the company or a customized quote.

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