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Noise Pollution

bound can travel a considerable distance in the wilderness, occasionally up to several miles, and all visitors should be aware of this fact. Many people go into the wilderness in part to get away ::rom it all, and value highly the peaceful quiet Df the natural world. Talking loudly, yelling, or screaming can be very disruptive to others who may be camping nearby. It’s certain to disturb animals as well, greatly reducing the likelihood that you’ll see any wildlife or much in the way of birdlife.

Groups of kids or adults almost inevitably make some noise while together in Houston Travel the wilderness, especially when enjoying themselves. It’s important that group leaders realize how other people may be affected. Making lots of noise when others are camped nearby is inconsiderate at the very least, especially at night. Setting off firecrackers is inexcusable. Groups that want to party, or who find it difficult to keep reasonably quiet, should at the very least try to get off the beaten path and tent in a secluded spot, as far as possible from other campers.

Visual Pollution

Some superbright outdoor clothing has come into fashion in recent years. While it’s easier to spot your companions at a distance in such clothing, and it unquestionably makes for safer travel during hunting season, Day-Glo-like colors distract the eye and provide a form of visual pollution in the wilderness.

This is a place where human beings are guests, not permanent residents. How we dress and act have effects on wildlife as well as on fellow-travel-ers. We have an obligation to minimize the impact of our presence in the wilderness in every way possible.

To reduce your visual impact, bring clothing with muted or less vivid colors. Likewise, select a tent and pack which have natural colors and will blend in with the scenery, so you won’t be seen from a long distance by other travelers or wildlife.

The one time this advice should not be followed is, of course, during hunting season. If you’re going to be out during that season in areas where hunting is permitted, for safety reasons it’s obviously best to wear the brightest clothing you can find.

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