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One of the largest city in South Africa and also the capital of the Western Cape Province, Cape Town has more to offer than meets the eyes. In fact, it silently draws huge crowds seemingly attracting people to take a sip with world class wine in the famed wineries such as Franschhoek’s, Stellenbosch’s, and Paarl’s Cape Winelands. The world simply recognize it as the Cape of Good Hope which practically translates to the most iconic place.

History has it that before the early European settlers, there was the Strandloper people inhabiting Cape Town thousands of years ago. Today we see them as the Kalahari Bushmen and they are ever mysterious as their ancestors. The rest of South Africa itself originated from the Voortrekkers or the first Dutch dwellers that first found the hinterlands or what we now know as Cape Winelands. Then, the rest is history, we can now enjoy a glass of our favorite wine whilst watching a great football game inside a bar. A world class cosmopolitan city with historic places to boost, and splendid nights to offer, what more could you want? Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa with you for an incredible and hassle free fun adventure.

One of the famous tourist spots is the Bo-Kaap neighborhood. This eclectic side of the town is the Malayan Quarter and practically attracts tourists with its quaint feel. Don’t you just love the classic travel spirit? If you do, visit the colorful buildings and fascinating places of worships or Mosques on Bo-Kaap, I promise that it will be worth your while. Now, for that spicy dish you are looking to cook back home, head to the quint Atlas Trading to buy your spices. There is also a museum showcasing the wealthy lifestyle of a 19th century muslim family. You might find it odd that there’s a ceremony that happens every noon marked by shooting a gun from Monday to Saturday. Beats me why but it serves perfectly telling what time of the day it is.

Nothing beats the fun of exploration and seemingly wandering over unusual places, and the perfect candidate for such experience is no other than Castle of Good Hope on Buitenkant Street. This is a historic place built in the 1600s and has a local name of The Castle, perfect for a landmark just in case you lose your way around the town. Inside are fascinating arts pieces and historical artifacts such as military paraphernalia, the castle’s history itself, and fantastic surviving old Cape Dutch furnitures. The famed William Fehr Collection is also displayed featuring fascinating art pieces. Should you go hungry, there is a cafe inside the castle to serve you the best dishes the locals can conceive, you simply feel pampered like a royalty.

Of course, your Cape Town experience will never feel complete without touring the beautiful landscapes of the Winelands. This is perhaps the most romantic place that you can be, sort of walking in the clouds for you and your date. The breathtaking Constantia Valley wine estates include Buitenverwagting, Klein Constantia and Constantia Uitsig. Not far is the iconic Cape Winelands around Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, and Paarl. You might be charged to taste the wine but it simply beats taking a shot from a bar, savor the landscapes as you smell the grapes emanating from your glass.
Have fun.

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