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A dhow cruise dinner is definitely nothing new for the residents of Dubai. In fact, they have had an experience decades ago which they think they can never get back again in their lifetime. If you’ve heard of the Creek, you must be suffering from the dilemma about the difference between a Dhow cruise Dubai and The Creek. Though both the Creek and the Dhow cruise Dubai needs mention regarding the services that they both offer, but hopefully this post is going to serve you with some new motivation for the elderly people in Dubai and also throws light on the visitors who are eager to know the difference. Within Dubai, there are 2 areas where Dhow cruise dinners are common, that is the Creek or in the Dubai Marina. If you’re looking forward to know how the Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai is better than the Creek, here are some points that you can check out.

Splendid views and sights The charm that you will experience

There isn’t any doubt about the fact that the Creek has got enough charm and that the Dhow cruise which sails on the ocean is also worth experiencing. The views that you get to see along the sea shore are a bit restrained. The area within which the dhow cruise can sail within the creek isn’t as huge as the Dubai Marine and the views on each side are fewer. From the Bur-Dubai side, half of the length of Cruising Route is occupied by a promenade which is indeed a nice place to walk with your cruising passengers. On the other hand, the dhow marina entails a Dubai marked by the skyscrapers which people love to watch while they’re onboard. When you watch the night skyline of Marina, you will feel like a treat to your eyes.

It is a newfound experience

The Creek is located at the old Dubai and it has got very little to offer new things to the local residents and visitors. However, the architectural masterpieces which are constructed frequently take the innovation to a new level and this makes people like to watch time and again. If you’re first-time travelers, the pleasure of viewing such landscapes would definitely be once in a lifetime experience.

Lovely ambience Far away from all the hustle and bustle

Dubai Creek has lot of busy atmosphere throughout the day which actually spoils the entire fun and thrill of the visitors. In contrast to that, the atmosphere of Marina Dubai is too frolicsome and breezy and this actually fills up your mind with new energy, particularly when you’re sailing on the dhow cruise. The exotic background of the Marina and the splendid aquatic life under the Arabian Sea is something into which the travel-lovers will love to delve into.

When you board a traditional Marin dhow in Dubai, this costs you more, in fact almost double the fees which are charged for a dhow in the Creek. This is a relief for those people who wish to stay on a budget and is a disappointment for those who expect high quality service.

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