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The winter season is finally here, and with it comes the time for skiing and snowshoeing. Both of these activities require some preparation; which is why the following list will help take some of the burden of planning where to go. Here, you have a comprehensive guide as to where you should go snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in Maine.

Breckenridge Nordic Centre

This centre has both natural and man-made snow so it’s easy to find a place to either ski or snowshoe. Both of these activities are supported by the centre, however, and even has guided sessions for those who aren’t accustomed to skiing and snowshoeing. This way, you can get some safe practice in before you hit the trails on your own.

Crested Butte Nordic Centre

This centre is based in the village of Crested Butte, which has over fifty kilometres of trails dedicated to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. These trails bring skiers and snowshoers through the outer parts of Crested Butte and they venture into the back country. There is a large variety of restaurants, buffets, etc. in the area for people who are planning to go on enjoying lunch or dinner. The weather is very unpredictable here, it is recommended that you dress in warm clothes, especially a coat and pants.

Vail Nordic Centre

Vail Nordic Centre is home to seventeen kilometres of cross-country ski trails and ten kilometres of trails for snowshoeing. The centre offers several kinds of food and drink for those who plan to extend their trip; including, soups and snacks. There is also video explanations which can help to improve technique when on the trails.

Keystone Nordic Centre

Like some of the aforementioned centres, Keystone Nordic Centre offers guided tours from snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and even skate skiing! The centre provides around sixteen kilometres of trails to explore. And because it’s cold in the freezing snow, you can also have dinner at the buffet before you hit the trails once more.

Aspen Nordic Trails

Aspen is renowned for having some of the best trails for skiing and snowboarding; however, it is also ideal for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Aspen has one of the largest networks of trails in North America for snowshoeing and skiing. It runs through wooded areas, valleys, and more! Beyond this, however, there is also space for you to go skating and to stay for the night if you’re planning a vacation. According to its website, Aspen Nordic Trails has ninety kilometres of trails for you to experience. While this is difficult to explore in a single day, a weekend trip to ski and snowshoe should be enough.

Nothing says winter like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Both of these activities allow you to travel through nature and truly experience life around you as you explore the various trails of Colorado.

If you’re sitting at home and searching the internet for which resorts and trails you should visit, there’s no need to look any longer because the above list features five trails for your needs. There’s the Aspen Nordic Trails, Keystone Nordic Centre, Vail Nordic Centre, Crested Butte Nordic Centre, and Breckenridge Nordic Centre.

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