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Italy can be described as: Culinary epicenter, historic tour de force, fashion capital and so much more. You can now travel to Italy in luxury and style and explore the many faces of Italy. You can now unveil its soul and discover the authentic meaning of la dolce vita. Italy is renowned for its cultural refinement i.e. food, fashion, gourmet, architecture etc. It is also blessed with natural beauty which is attested by its Amalfi and Adriatic coasts, the beaches of Puglia, the magnificent Dolomites and the rolling hills of Tuscany.

With the Luxury travel Italy you can travel with style and luxury and have privileged access. It includes getting the Sistine Chapel closed for an exclusive visit, going on art-oriented visits which are lead by the greatest art historians and staying in the most magnificently restored private villas or palazzos which had been designed by Michelangelo. Hence in this way Luxury travel Italy takes you away from the typically crammed main tourist spots.

The Great Rome:

In Rome you can, explore the Vatican along with an accomplished and expert guide who will make your visit worthwhile. You can even turn the trip in to a family affair by learning how to make traditional pizzas by taking a private cooking lesson.

The Glorious Florence:

Then there is also the glorious city of Florence, where you can discover its priceless cultural riches. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance and here you can even go behind the scenes and can see the restoration project of a monument.

The Romantic Venice:

You will lose yourself in the spirit of Venice. You can cruise the romantic canals of Venice by gondola, while simultaneously being accompanied by a live serenade. Sample the wonderful local cuisine at a wine bar (bacari).

Other charming regions of Italy:

Now you can detour to the other charming regions of Italy which are normally frequented by the locals. These independent journeys will take you to the alpine-like Lake Como, the stunning Amalfi and Adriatic Coasts, the fashion-forward Milan, the sunny Sicily, the stunning Aeolian Islands and Tuscany’s wine country.

Whether you are a devoted frequent traveler or a new one, Italy will charm you into taking another pilgrimage to this incredible place. It has something to offer for everybody whether its adults, teenagers or kids. Hence, now you can make the most authentic journey so far to Italy with great style and luxury.

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