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Brittany has for much of recent history been something of a holiday destination of choice for discerning travellers in search of culture, nature and escapism at their very finest. A uniquely appealing corner of France with more to offer than a dozen lesser destinations, Brittany has over recent years in particular proved to offer a quite irresistible package for families with kids of all ages.

In terms of accommodation options, Brittany is hardly lacking on any fronts at all. From luxury resorts right by the sea to the quaintest of guest houses in the middle of nowhere, there’s really nothing beyond the realms of possibility. However, those in the know or at least with a long history of trying all that’s on offer are fast turning to holiday home rentals exclusively.

The benefits of finding a house in Brittany to rent for a holiday of any length are both extraordinary and obvious. You get more space, you get more convenience and you generally get a more home-from-home experience than any hotel could ever serve up. What’s more, you could also save a small fortune compared to the costs of booking multiple hotel rooms the larger the group you take along, the more affordable it all becomes.

So it’s something of a no-brainer on the whole, but in terms of finding that ideal house in Brittany to rent from the thousands up for grabs, there are a few tips and rules to bear in mind.

Make the Most of the Web

First and foremost, the very best resource at the world’s disposal right now for these kinds of bookings is the web. The reason being that just a simple search is all that’s needed to bring to light dozens, maybe even hundreds of available properties from private owners and businesses alike. It’s a simple case of entering a few words and letting the web do the legwork on your behalf!

First Impressions

When you find a property you like the look of however, the time comes to begin vetting both it and the provider. In terms of the website itself, the first impression it gives off will more often than not be the impression you should go with. If, for example, the site is riddled with errors, doesn’t seem to communicate any real details about the place or in any way doesn’t fill you with confidence, you’re taking a risk by going any further. These days, anything less than a clean, crisp and well-presented website is little more than a sign of an owner than doesn’t really care about what they do not the kind you want to be dealing with.

Comprehensive Information

When a property owner is extremely proud of their asset, they want to show it off to the world. As such, the site advertising the place will be lavished with not only an archive of images, but endless information on the property itself, its surroundings, its location and pretty much everything else you could ever need to know. By contrast, when an owner is advertising a house in Brittany to rentthat they aren’t exactly proud of, chances are they won’t be so forthcoming with the information. So, if you find yourself left with more questions than answers prior to booking, it’s probably best not to bother.

Clear Pricing Information

Some property owners make it as difficult as they possibly can for clients to find out the prices of their places usually because they charge a different rate for every person in accordance with their mood. This is of course not the kind of owner you’d ideally like to be dealing with, which in turn illustrates the importance of finding a property with clear pricing details published online. From peak-season to the depths of winter to special events and more, if they leave you guessing how much you can expect to pay, you’re heading down a risky path.


Last but not least, assuming this isn’t the first time the owner has ever let out the property before there should be plenty of reviews and testimonials to go on. In an ideal situation these will be presented on the website of the property itself, as opposed to it being up to you to go search the web for feedback. With genuine and impartial reviews, there’s no place for the owner to hide and you can find out exactly what real travellers thought of the place, including whether or not any skeletons were found in the closetsfiguratively speaking, of course.

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