Corpus Christi Texas Travel Guide

The pleasure of sitting in your patio with a cup of steaming coffee, watching dawn burst with a vibrant array of colors and the lake in front mirroring the games of the sky, with birds flying between the lake and the trees on the shore. Well, this is no description of a painting but the luxury that every person living in a waterfront home enjoys. And one place that can boast of offering a different enigmatic heavenly canvas every day is Texas. With over 10 climatic patterns running across the state, Texas boasts of offering a plethora of sky delights.

Home to over 3,700 streams, 15 rivers and several lakes, Texas offers some of the most picturesque spots to own a waterfront home. With absolute access to natural sources of water and with ample sunlight streaming in, waterfront homes enjoy the great advantage of green living. Besides, owners of waterfront homes can choose from a plethora of lifestyles. Those who enjoy social living can look for row houses constructed along the shore of a water body, while others who prefer to enjoy the quiet of nature can opt for a house that stands at a considerable distance from the nearest neighbor, like may be across the river!

One perfect property investment that you can consider is Lake Dunlap waterfront homes. Situated along this large reservoir along River Guadalupe, Lake Dunlap is a treat for nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts. It’s the perfect spot for pass times like fishing, boating and water sports like jet skiing and water skiing. And even better is the fact that this reservoir helps generate hydroelectricity, which means you have clean and renewable energy being produced with the least impact on the environment.

Lake Dunlap is also one of those few lakes that boast of calm waters, with trees that line its shores breaking the wind, creating a blanket of serenity. A direct advantage of this initiative to grow trees around the lake is that waterfront home dwellers enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters. Besides, preservers of the lake have been taking great care to breed fish species exclusively for recreational purposes. This means that you have green shores to relax and enjoy a quiet family picnic, calm waters with a variety of fish to make your fishing experience a relaxed and enjoyable one among picturesque surroundings and for those living in waterfront homes along Lake Dunlap, this is possibly a haven you would never want to get away from. What’s more, you can spend weekends by setting off on treks with your family and explore the ever-changing picture-postcard surroundings.

One great advantage that all waterfront homes enjoy is that they are built on fertile soil. This comes as a cherry on the icing for nature lovers who also enjoy gardening. After all, your plants are bound to earn that added benefit of more natural nutrients and grow healthy and strong. Well, with such attractive benefits accompanying living in a waterfront house, who would deny an opportunity to live in such luxury!

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