The Worlds BEST Airport – Changi Singapore Airport

We just arrived in Singapore at the best airport in the world like no joke hands down be better for them not like no competition, it’s actually unbelievable. I don’t know if you saw the last vlog when right here but, it’s pretty much like being in like a theme park that has everything for free. And everyone.

So nice. I know you literally you’ll see will take you long well, it’s got like a sunflower garden, it’s got a butterfly garden, it’s got koi ponds, it’s got free shuttle into town we have we each got $20 to spend in the airport for no reason they sent me an email they’re like hey Christian we seal the layover enjoy $20 credit. So now.

I can go get like two three meals. So that’s awesome thanks Singapore for being cool Lauren hi we have a 22 hour layover here in Singapore. And what’s really cool is to connect to pay 17 US Dollars.

And get a transfer pass. And what that allows you to is actually without getting a Singapore visa you can go into the city for one day. And they include free shuttle.

So Abby. And I are hoping we get to see Marina Bay Sands we want to see the merlion which is the giant lion mermaid statue in Singapore. And I really want to see that urban forest in the middle of yeah well.

I don’t know it we’ll be able to see in the day we’ll see, we’ve already missed the night tour but to night years maybe missed a night tour. And we will definitely see the date or if we don’t make it to the Anglin tonight they even have Kenny’s okay freak. And you’re like everywhere you go you can rate how happy you guys have been great thank you alright Karina Cody give a little rating systems everywhere because.

I actually care how people feel when they’re the airport unlike the stupid Vietnamese Hanoi Airport where. I tried to exchange money. And they ignored me dude literally you were talking.

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And you asked when to ask us a question. And she turned around. And like new hair doctor.

And what did it just completely ignored oh yeah that was pretty standard stuff like this a lot of Southeast Asia yeah Southeast Asia in general is pretty poor as far as service goes. I mean, I’m paying pennies. So it makes me kind of forget that, I’m getting terrible treatment but at the same time you know sometimes, it’s nice to be treated like a human.

And that’s why. I come to Singapore. I feel like my vlogging is gotten much better because.

I used to actually care when I was like holding a camera to my face in public but now. I’ve just learned to like ignore our own around me just ordered pizza yeah.

I just got saute chicken pizza this came with my pizza. I just gonna make sure. I don’t have this my pocket before.

I get on the plane this is one a little rest areas. I have they have a massive screen there they have these like like super cool lounge chairs with speakers built into the side they have like a USB plugged, it’s inside like this whole airport is just made for relaxing. And waiting for your flight to come there’s like people who actually come here just for the airport.

So they flew all the way to Singapore just hanging out the airport oh no there was an article on look they have ps3’s all over this Airport RPS forest. So you can play games tennis oh my gosh oh yes how was my urination excellent thank you for your feedback no thank you Changi Airport Abby’s ripping through a book she’s really fast reading me. I’ve just been editing.

And on Instagram. And, I’m celebrating the fact that. I still have my Instagram.

I think, it’s actually like legitimately you know mine now. I don’t think the hackers can we come back. I actually.

I messaged him on Facebook as. I found out who he is where he lives. And I definitely gave him a good scare when.

I told him what little town who comes from. So I took him off guard. And I think that he responded on Facebook saying basically that, it’s mine now so.

I think. I think that’s Jenna what well no he said. I said please give him back my account or no.

I said please do not touch my account again he said okay. I will all right he’s gonna get yes okay. I guess.

I will anyways all the McDonald’s employees are wearing minion outfits. I guess, I’m promoting the making movements coming up. And they have blue cones that is so cool party on right cuz. I have no idea how it works to show the D controls to us. So I can learn usually this is gonna be oh this is shoot Abby.

And I are pretty much in The Bachelor fantasy suite, we’ve got USB plugins, we’ve got outlets behind there you can just do editing hang out this is our own little sleeping pod for the night. And, it’s all provided by the Singapore Airport. So we have our own pretty much capsule to just hang out in.

I guess you could use this movie if you knew what’s put on but right now, I’m just gonna do a few more vlogs. And then go to bed cuz, I’m pretty exhausted we as. I said earlier probably slept yeah we slept like three hours why slept like six hours last night probably but it was like a really bad sleep like between sleeping on like a concrete floor.

And sleeping two hours in a bus. And yeah, it’s just been everywhere. So it’ll be nice to get a good night’s sleep.

And then in the morning, we’re gonna go check out Singapore for the day with the free shuttle offer through the airport. And then after that, we’re off to Bali pretty stoked definitely an amazing place to do a layover if you ever have the choice between going to any Airport. And Singapore Airport pay the extra whatever it costs to come here it is worth it if you have a big layover see you guys tomorrow.

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