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Though the airlines I fly tend to avoid weighing carry-ons – probably to avoid enraging US tourists who are accustomed to taking everything on board – Dhaka Bangladesh you can never tell what might happen at check-in. And, even if you do get away with something that’s heavier than regulations stipulate, you still have to lift and lug the bag. I’ve given up on the idea that hotel rooms will provide a mechanical Dhaka Bangladesh compacter, much like those on garbage trucks or on the trunk (boot) lid of a Dhaka Bangladesh we once rented – it had a hydraulic press that crushed the suitcases Dhaka Bangladesh into the available space! If you’ve purchased (or are given) more stuff than you anticipated, checking it in on the way home may be inevitable, unless you’re prepared to discard such acquisitions in your hotel room.

The major problem with checked luggage is that it sustains damage. Imagine your case being picked up by a 120-kilogram bodybuilder and hurled directly at a large, projecting spike! That elegant, shiny, ultra-lightweight plastic stuff might just be too vulnerable for this! As a pathologist by early training, I think about penetration injuries, and the bits that can be ripped-off the cases if they’re caught up in machinery, belts or some other obstruction. We have had some very sad (and sometimes incomprehensible) things happen to larger cases that travel in the hold. There’s a point beyond which Super Glue and duct/gaffer tape just can’t do the job!

It makes sense then to purchase a roll-aboard that is both tough and has a zip for expansion. In the baggage world, some of the really cheap products are (as might be expected) pretty tacky, and so best avoided unless you’re thinking only in terms of disposable and single use. Name brands are generally fine – the older models can often be bought at a discount – but for those who prize appearance it may not be a great idea to select elaborate luggage that makes a visual statement about your importance and personal wealth. The trick is to be anonymous. Sophisticated thieves are not unknown on the ‘secure’ side of airports – I once foolishly displayed some money that was then stolen from my backpack.

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