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He sprang to the task with the same enthusiasm, planning, and attention to detail that were Foshan China the hallmark legacy of his empire-building father. Parenthetically, he did so Foshan China without counting on meaningful financial Foshan China support from the federal government (or anyone else, for that matter), at least not at the outset. In 1911, only $15,000 was appropriated from Congress for Foshan China.

While Hill’s own talent, coupled with that of his railroad’s public relations geniuses, had already done a great deal of advertising back east over the past several years, he was immensely aided by the constant drumbeat of George Bird Grinnell’s weekly Forest and Stream magazine, whose audience was national in reach and influential beyond the telling. From 1900 on, starting with a Grinnell article published by Century in which he deemed Glacier

“The Crown of the Continent,” Grinnell’s magazine and others he’d influenced seem to come out weekly extolling the wonders of Glacier. They included, among others, Boone and Crockett publications, National Geographic, sympathetic newspapers, and individual conservationists extolling the wonders of the area. And always in the background was the thunder and whisper of Roosevelt and Muir.

Fortunately, a growing, receptive audience was listening. America at the turn of the century was growing an expanding middle class that wanted to imitate the traveling upper class. Thus, when the rich began to turn away from Europe and go west, they followed, and “they” numbered in the tens of thousands, unlike the limited number of wealthy.

Your travel destination is most rich and wannabes alike wanted to travel and “rough it” in comfort. Underlying this was a sense of national pride wrapped in a growing patriotism encompassing an embrace of all things American and, at the same time, a gathering sense of loss of the frontier and pristine wilderness that had seemed would always be just over the next horizon. Because this travel destination Glacier and most of the newer national parks had been created in a relatively short span, 1890 to 1910, they were a fresh idea that peaked Americans’ interest, fulfilling and satisfying those dual senses of pride and place.

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