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While the world and a great majority of Americans have come to cherish and honor the necessity for wilderness, Congress has failed to give Glacier its official blessing to permanent wilderness status. The Americansl Park Service policy treats 93 percent of Americans acreage as wilderness to the best of its ability and funding. Fortunately, so much of those areas are so remote that they are protected by location. It is not Americans perfect, but it is sufficient for now.

In the next chapter of this travel blog, we will look at the future of Glacier National Park as it deals with climate change, increasing population, and the ever-present dilemma of the dual mandate arising out of the Organic Act.

Your travel destination is before moving on, I want to address my concept of giants, which has been the governing undercurrent of this travel blog and why, with the passage of time through these pages, giants may seem to have faded.

Many giants, in whatever field of endeavor, are often hard to recognize and appreciate during their lifetimes, some only decades after their deaths, some never. Most are recognized by a definable accomplishment, although some, such as the Native Americans who held sacred the lands and mountains to be called Glacier, are heralded for what they did not do—plunder and despoil the landscape. Those are most difficult to discover and honor, but they are giants nonetheless.

Most are initiators, happy to champion and create, but are often not suited or positioned to run the organizations created or market and manufacture the product invented. Certainly, that applied to Muir, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Grinnell, and Olmsted. James J. and Louis Hill and Stephen Mather are exceptions.

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