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Are you willing to get the most out of your trip to the U.S.A within the shortest time possible? Then make sure that your itinerary does not exclude a visit to California (located in the west coast of the country), Las Vegas (situated in Nevada, a neighbouring state of California) and New York (which is located in the north-eastern part of the country). Thanks to their diverse culture, each of the places boasts of a unique identity. Yet together, they impart the true essence of American living. California, for example is a melting pot of different cultures, inhabited by people who take every care to preserve their cultures. The state is also known for a large number of attractions like Hollywood and Disneyland. Las Vegas isa place chiefly noted for its casinos and bustling night life, while New York is one of the most adventure filled and fun packed cities on earth.

However, living in any of these places can be pretty expensive. So when it comes to looking for the budget hotels in these places, you might find the following suggestions helpful.

So here’s starting with:

How to find a cheap accommodation in California:

Most of the hotels in California offer a large number of amenities including game rooms, theaters, swimming pools, access to internet, centralized air-conditioning among others. However, very few hotels offer all-inclusive packages to their guests round the year. So in order to find the most appropriate accommodation in budget, you should:

· Search for the hotels online to see if any of the hotels is offering discounts when you are scheduled to visit the state. Often different sites inform their clients about the various discount schemes that hotels in California offer.

· On an average, you can find clean and comfortable accommodations in California by spending about $130-$250 per night. However, prices may vary depending on the location of the hotel. The average rate of the hotels in San Diego are, for example, is as high as $1232 (tax excluded), while cheaper rooms are available in Los Angeles.

· The hotels might charge higher rate during the peak season. In Los Angeles County, for example, the rates are almost 10% higher in the month of June.

Now moving on to

How to get inexpensive accommodations in Las Vegas:

Keep the following tips in mind while booking your rooms in any Las Vegas hotel:

· Room rates are comparatively lower in the middle of the week, and interestingly enough, you can avail surprisingly low room tariffs on the Tuesdays.

· Avoid booking hotel rooms on the weekends; the rooms might cost you about 300% of the original room tariff. Plus, the city gets extremely crowded during the weekends.

· Location is important while looking for cheap hotels in Las Vegas . Ideally, look for hotels which are located in the center of the strip of Las Vegas. Room rates are quite low there.

· If you want to experience the old, genuine Las Vegas, then look for the downtown hotels. The food and the accommodation will be considerably cheaper.

Finally, here are the guidelines on:

How to save money on New York Hotels

As you head to New York, ensure that you make full use of the suggestions to get the best’ accommodation in the state for your budget.

· Often, hotels in New York offer special discount to their corporate clients, senior citizens, students, military, government/ union officials and similar guests. So before you zero in on any hotel, check if you are entitled for any of such discounts.

· In New York, room tariffs vary significantly in different seasons. The winter months (roughly from January through March) are the best time to save hundreds of Dollars on room fare. However, you can also avail some heavy discounts during summer, especially on July and August. After Christmas, fall is the costliest season.

· Find accommodations which are located either in the uptown or downtown area. The hotels are cheaper there. No need to hire rooms in the Midtown location, particularly if saving money is your objective. New York is blessed with a superb transport system, so you can reach any part of the city by availing the public conveniences.

· If you visit New York over a weekend, you might be able to get big bargains. Hotel rates can slash down to as much as 50% during the weekends. Check for weekend special discounts.

So here are the top tips to choose hotels in Las Vegas, California and New York. Hope you will find them useful.

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