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A Port Stephens holiday accommodation is affordable lodging for anyone who wants to explore Port Stephens Bay, visit area attractions and take part in such activities as:

Sand Boarding;
Stand-up Paddle Boating;
Whale Watching;
Parasailing; or

Animal Encounters.

Viewing the Local Wildlife

If you are reserving a Port Stephens holiday accommodation to see indigenous animals up-close, then you will have plenty of opportunity to see such animals as kangaroos, koalas, dolphins, echidnas, wallabies and a variety of tropical birds. Enjoy stand-up paddle boating, parasailing, surfing and whale watching at one of the various beaches too, such as Fingal Bay Surf Beach or Wreck Beach at Shoals Bay.

Viewing the World Below the Sea

Snorkeling, which is another popular activity, enables you to see marine life up-close as well. View sting rays and sharks as well as such natural wonders as sponge gardens and sea caves. You might come upon a shipwreck too. Off Nelson Bay, view rare underwater species, such as the pineapple fish, white seahorse or saw-tooth moray eel.

Sea-friendly Area Locations

A private Port Stephens holiday accommodation typically is available in a sizable furnished duplex. Therefore, families or couples traveling together often can rent by the week at an affordable price. Besides Port Stephens itself, area visitors can find an area Port Stephens holiday accommodation at sea-friendly locations such as:

Fisherman’s Bay
Taylors Beach
Soldier Point
Nelson Bay
Fingal Bay
Shoal Bay

Anna Bay

Factors to Consider when Selecting Port Stephens Area Lodging

When looking for a Port Stephens holiday accommodation or area lodging, you will need to take into consideration:

The duration of your stay
The season of your visit (you can obtain better prices during certain times of the year)
The number of people who will be going on the trip
If you will be traveling with a pet or pets
The kind of accommodation you are seeking (duplex, bed and breakfast, townhouse, etc.)
The planned activities

The location of the lodging in relation to the planned activities

Local Conveniences

Also, check out the conveniences in the area of the lodging. Are you in walking distance to the beach? How about restaurants or shopping? Are they in close proximity to your lodging? Will you be hiring a car?

Sand board Surfing You Don’t Want to Miss this Activity

Planning an itinerary for a St. Stephens holiday will be a fun and interesting experience as the things you can do are as varied and interesting as the surrounding flora and wildlife. For example, upon your visit to Port Stephens, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to sand board surf.

This activity, which can be done by any person of any age, involves sliding down a massive dune on a board, sitting or standing. Find your adventure at the Stockton Bight Sand Dunes near Nelson Bay. The sand dune system is the largest moving sand dunes in Australia. Besides sand boarding, you can also quad bike or ride a camel or horse over the wide expanse of the dunes.

An Adventurous Yet Economical Way to Spend a Down under Holiday

You will find that obtaining a Port Stephens holiday accommodation or local lodging nearby is one way to spend a holiday that is not only adventurous, but economical as well. This kind of holiday is worth singing about. You might even be able to make the best accommodation reservation with Wanderers Retreat. Most accommodations run from around $380 per week. So, you, no doubt, will find a holiday home that will fit with your planned getaway.

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