The Lauren. I are gonna go find breakfast hello. And, we’re gonna find a motorcycle for the day because, we’re going to take it to a waterfall this area Laos is known for the waterfalls.

And there’s one really famous one. So, we’re going to go check that out today that’s cool keep the flies away. So here we are at the market place.

And we found ourselves a nice little sandwich stem they make fresh smoothies they have baguettes with all these different kinds of sandwiches Abby. I got chicken avocado. And cheese.

And I got chicken thank us the Kraft singles. And crossing cheese don’t like their recipes to happier. So, it’s that’s like one of the main things.

I miss from Canada, it’s like yeah good cheese you know you have to pay a lot to get good juicy but other than that foods be awesome in Laos here you have it here people they have the early release of the iWatch in Laos look at that, it’s beautiful the craftsmanship you press this button here you get the time is everything you need in a watch think, I’m gonna have to get my hands on one of these well hello Abby. And I just wrote a postcard back to our families. And often to the mail ago everyone in Tyrael internationally interior and.

So we made a quick stop at a little corner store type thing got a seven app. And I think, we’re about ten kilometers away from the waterfall. So, we’re gonna hop back on the bike on the way up yeah which way do we go on would be more money though okay to get in Joe Park gotta pay for the bike got a paper guy everyone’s making their money.

So we left Canada come see bears in Southeast Asia. And that guy looks like he needs water bottle. So there’s another bear there there’s a bear there is one over there looks like he’s big hung over or something just want to climb in that tree over there.

MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE in the WORLD Kuang Si Falls Laos Photo Gallery

I think you’re dying there’s like five bear – yeah they they’re not you active right now they’re just kind of dying from the heat but oh my gosh there’s two more down there. I want to see Keo he looks like a panda knockoff hand oh there he is that’s Keo like he’s got like a Batman thing underneath them bear man they have a little monument to all the Bears of the world we got a polar bear grizzly bear something bear black bear probably more bears. And these bears are called moon bears here in Laos apparently there are vulnerable species.

So these are rescue animals look at this that’s. So cool these waterfalls are so magical Arum actor.

And the water. So blue good location this is. So cool.

And the cripple is trying to hike through the waterfalls. I just have some fun that’s right. So shallow too.

So, it’s a reoccurring theme Chinese people cannot swim. So just like last last time in the Blue Lagoon area we were all cheering a Chinese guy to jump in the water someone had to jump in to save him well we were cheering on that girl to jump off that ledge there. And while she jumped it turns out she couldn’t swim either so.

I had to literally jump in. And save her. And like carry her back to shore here.

And like meanwhile like all have her friends like all like 15 20 Chinese people who are reading her all just stood there. And watched. And then as soon as it happens they pretty much walked away because they were like embarrassed or they didn’t want to be associated with it.

So anyways luckily. I have lifeguard training. So I was able to rescue all right lifeguard is now leaving the pool people please you can’t swim do not jump off of the giant bridge hey Abby how many people did you save today so.

I thought zero. I saved one oh my gosh down more waterfalls go uh have you seen unbelievable. I just keep going when are these waterfalls ever gone aim oh my gosh if this isn’t tranquil.

I don’t know what is how thankful it is for you Abby how tranquil that’s. So beautiful like what ah yes. And there’s a see ya Abby’s the little celebrity here he’s got a few of the ladies asking for photos with their maybe they can get an autograph do.

So, it’s starting to get a bit late here. And I think, we’re literally among five people left in this park. So, it’s pretty cool we have the waterfalls to ourselves now but we need to make sure we get back on time to return our motorcycle this is so unbelievable. I do not like yeah. I know right why are there not more people talking about this place this is one of the most beautiful things.

I’ve ever seen the water is just perfect blue is countless waterfalls. And there’s hardly anyone here Wow this looks like the big waterfall oh my gosh whoa this can’t be real life this is. So amazing look it keeps going Abby.

And I both agree this is the most beautiful thing, we’ve ever seen like this is unbelievable everything like every time we hike higher we keep seeing more. And more impressive things totally what she said like we took so much time at the bottom.

And then we went to the second sorry, I’m sorry you always do that like you’ve annoyed for me to pause but don’t interrupt, we’re gonna come back tomorrow which. I never thought I’d say this for like, it’s like one party cannot see absolutely paradise like there’s no other way to put it. I can’t even think about to be any better other than Wi-Fi LED Wi-Fi be nice for a rough day alright you have to pee still sure they have some good holes in there that’s my bike people always ask me like why do.

I travel so much, I’m like you know guys, it’s like about the culture like if you don’t know culture you don’t know anything like culture guys like you know learn a bit of culture. And you’ll live a prosperous life.

So Abby. And I were driving back from the waterfall tart. And on the way back we saw this like local restaurant it was bumping like it was like like at least like.

I don’t know 50 bikes parked out front motorcycles and. So we pulled over here came in. And like it is just like all Thai people, it’s sorry all Laos foundation people it’s so cool like no one here really speaks in English the menu yeah nothing like the menus all in Laos. And Latian. I think is the language the minis on Latian our servers have no idea like they have no idea what we want like they don’t speak any English but luckily the people ordering next to us right there his name is Kron.

And he knows a tiny bit of English. So he was able to translate for us and. So we think, we’ve ordered pad thai at this rate we have no idea what’s going to come back.

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