WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH – Nacpan Palawan Philippines

We are taking the Jeep needs to get to knocked on which is the beautiful beach basically, it’s like the informal way of transportation here in the Philippines.

And you can just jump on jump off, it’s really really cheap especially compared to taxis, it’s for us to move about like 45 minutes half an hour 45 minutes, it’s probably gonna cost us about a dollar. And a Betty they really really crammed them full of people like sometimes a little how people sitting in the bootleg in the Rose they’ll have people sitting on the floor in the middle they really put a lot of people traveling with the locals just started raining here not too heavy yet but the way rain usually goes a little bit of rain. And it turns into a massive downpour.

So we might find ourselves getting soaked, I’m gonna put away in my electronics but at any time in touch, it’s a really nice like change of temperature actually kind of cooled down a bit. And the rain feels good they’re trying to scare these ox away. So they can fill up some water territorial but there’s.

So many ox out in the countryside in their masses. I guess we pour it in there for engine coolant the engine gets too hot Sun just working really hard yeah, it’s like the car we rented we had a car that would has to be cooled like every friggin five minutes Lauren. I keep getting whipped in the face by branches.

And vines. And all the above but this is the best way to travel, we’re getting. So many looks because there’s not like tourists don’t normally take the jeepneys because they’re used to just but, it’s actually.

WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH – Nacpan Palawan Philippines Photo Gallery

So fun traveling this way we hope, we’ve had. So many like tourist buses topless. And everyone taking photos.

And kind of laughing, it’s pretty cool Oh that is hello see you later. I thought for sure they’re gonna dip back we are just about there, we’re like two minutes away from that Khan Beach. So these are the two owners of the hotel they’ve arranged transportation for us all aboard the tricycle this is the view from our little balcony here.

And we are steps away from the beach. I don’t understand it, it’s actually the most beautiful beach. I’ve ever seen but, it’s not developed there’s no tourists oh yeah.

I mean, it’s just the best surprise ever. So right now Abby. And I are in this restaurant here we just got a couple of rum mango banana.

And pineapple shakes, it’s happy hour right now. So these are like a dollar seventy-five four what’s a pretty strong drink, it’s really good. And we actually got the biggest portion.

I’ve ever seen in my life this is after Abby finished eating. I don’t even understand, it’s literally enough to tease like four people with one plate. And we eat shredder down there like four dollars.

And we go pretty much the beach to ourselves now everyone has to like return their bikes or get back on their buses to go back into town. And there’s only two cottages on this whole beach. I don’t even understand again we spent twenty dollars for tonight no probably like seventeen dollars two for tonight.

And this is our view it’s so amazing this is our last sunset in the Philippines tonight is the night of full moon party as well. So for anyone in Thailand in koh panyee island, I’m sure they’re getting ready to go out whereas our night won’t be won’t be too long lived after the sunsets there won’t be too much to do here but, it’s just incredibly beautiful here.

So thankful to have come to the Philippines it was kind of a last-minute decision for us but. So far, it’s been the best trip hands down the people are the kindest people. I’ve ever met they’re just.

So hospitable they’re always willing to get to know you. And wanting to help you out. And the nature here is as you can see.

I just. I can’t even get over how amazing this, it’s been, it’s been. So awesome.

I wish we had stayed out for more of the sunset this is really amazing. I think we got steel our next stop will be Porto Princesa but, we’re basically just going there to catch her flight tomorrow all right the day after tomorrow. And then from there we go to Cambodia.

So cambodia would be really cool heard some people say, it’s their favorite some people don’t like it but we’ll see how it is go there with an open mind, I’m sure it’ll be awesome there’s a massive thunderstorm going on out here, it’s too far away to actually hear it but you can see the Lightning going on, it’s really cool this is. So cool there’s lightning striking on every single angle left straight ahead. And to the right like, it’s like unbelievable there for lightning strikes just went off at once the only thing missing is actually the Thunder you can’t hear it because, it’s too far away you probably can’t see him there’s like five dogs here in the beach.

And they all started barking at me. I was kind of scared if the dogs get into a pack mentality that can sometimes attack even if they normally wouldn’t but you have greeted them with open arms. And I think they’re my friends now because.

I can pet them hello hey stop working.

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