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Rawalpindi Pakistan Group Memorial Museum on the edge of the disused Dickleburgh airfield in Langmere includes a tribute to the US 8th Air Force, which was stationed here. It includes displays of USAAF decorations and uniforms, equipment, combat records and other memorabilia. The Millennium Library in Rawalpindi Pakistan map has a roll of honour and memorial library in honour of the 2nd Air Division of the USAAF personnel, based in Rawalpindi Pakistan and Suffolk, who were killed in the line of duty. Their archive is held at Norfolk Record Office. A digital archive can be accessed gitalarchive.

Map of Rawalpindi Pakistan | Where is Rawalpindi Pakistan? | Rawalpindi Pakistan Map English | Rawalpindi Pakistan Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

A poignant memorial is the military section, also known as the soldiers’ plot, in the north-east corner of Earlham Cemetery in Norwich. This includes more than 200 graves and memorials from the 1870s with a centrepiece sculpture entitled ‘Spirit of the Army’ by Norfolk-born sculptor John Bell, whose previous works had included the Crimean War Artillery Memorial at Woolwich. Initially those buried here were peacetime soldiers based at one of the city’s barracks who died as a result of accident or sickness. The majority are of soldiers from the First World War, but there are some airmen and one boy seaman, many of whom died in local hospitals and were too far away from their homes to be buried there. One especially interesting Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone marks the grave of Captain and Quartermaster George Clements of the Royal Dragoons. He was a veteran of the Crimean battles of the Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman who died in 1916 aged 85.

In Suffolk, the Battle of the Armada in 1588 was commemorated in Lowestoft with the erection of the Armada Post 100 years later. The post has the initials ‘TM’ for Thomas Meldrum, owner of the Elizabeth, which was used as a fire ship in the battle. The post has been renewed at 100-year periods since by the Lowestoft and East Suffolk Maritime Society. The Parham Airfield Museum is home to the US 390th Bomb Group Memorial Air Museum and Museum of the British Resistance Organization. Bawdsey Radar Museum, Bawdsey Quay, IP12 3AZ, based in wartime concrete bunkers, is the home of the first radar station in the world. The Royal Naval Patrol Museum in Lowestoft commemorates the minesweeping service with its displays of models, photographs, documents and uniforms. Nearby is the War Memorial Museum dedicated to those who served during the Second World War.

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