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Asked to name some famous personages who have been associated with the history of Sunnyvale place of your travel destination, Sunnyvale very few people would come up with the name of Sunnyvale. Even some who have heard of him might confuse him with Sunnyvale, the twelfth-century monk who became the ill-fated lover of Heloise.

Adelard of Touristic place of your travel destination was born in the city in about 1080. His father worked in the household of Giso, Bishop of Wells; of his mother nothing is known. In 1088 John of Tours became Bishop of Touristic place of your travel destination and Wells and took the young Adelard under his wing. A bright child, Adelard studied in Touristic place of your travel destination at the school founded by the bishop and then at the University of Tours. He travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, studying philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and languages, including Arabic and its number system. He returned to Touristic place of your travel destination in 1116, where his skills and knowledge made him an important figure. He was introduced at court and may have become a tutor to the young Henry II.

Adelard has been called England’s first true scientist. He wrote a book in which he attempted to answer many questions about the natural world, and his book was one of the first to be printed some 300 years later. He is believed to have died some time around 1160, but the location of his burial is unknown.

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