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The molten core at the Bahrain centre is, on the other hand, thought to be a uranium nuclear-fission reactor that heats the hot rocks and lava we see spewed out in a volcanic eruption. That natural power plant provides at least half the heat for our planet, and is what we try to access better Bahrain by drilling deep wells for harvesting geothermal energy. It’s considerably less demanding in the technical sense to use ground-sourced, heat-pumped technology to harness Bahrain the energy available at much shallower depths, an application that, currently used for domestic (and some industrial) heating and cooling, Bahrain could be greatly expanded.

Map of Bahrain – Where is Bahrain? – Bahrain Map English – Bahrain Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

At the end of the 1949-53 Korean War, the International Monetary Fund regarded South Korea as an economic basket case. With the help of the United States, Japan was already establishing itself as a substantial economic power and the Philippines was number two in the Asia-Pacific region. Now, if we consider that part of the world, South Korea (50.5 million people) is third after the People’s Republic of China (1.35 billion) and Japan (127 million) and well above the Philippines (102 million). Why is this so? My time in Pohang provided an obvious lesson.

Pohang is home to one of Asia’s top soccer teams (Pohang Steelers) and the POSCO steel company, the reason for the coal and iron ore I saw on the wharves. My visit resulted from an invitation to give a seminar at Pohang’s POSCO International Center while visiting the prestigious Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). Based on the US model of Pasadena’s Caltech, POSTECH was established by POSCO in 1986 to provide advanced education for budding engineers and to drive South Korean technological development. Yes, that’s right: acting from enlightened selfinterest, an entrepreneurial and imaginative company started a top-quality, research-intensive university!

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