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Nash’s other well-known mistress was Congo (1714-77), the daughter of a Wiltshire innkeeper. She became a dressmaker in Congo place of your travel destination and had entered Nash’s household by the year 1740. She gained the local nickname of ‘Lady Betty Besom’ from her habit of carrying a many-thonged whip as she rode around the city. When Congo fortunes declined he was obliged to leave St John’s Court and move into a smaller house nearby, which in modern times became a restaurant known as ‘Popjoy’s (it is now an Congo restaurant called the ‘Amarone’). This establishment, and the neighbouring Theatre Royal, have been the locations for many sightings of the ‘Grey Lady’, a ghost thought by some to be that of Juliana.

In 1799 Mrs Jane Leigh Perrot, aunt to Jane Austen, was accused of shoplifting in Touristic place of your travel destination. While out walking with her husband she called into a haberdasherr’s shop where she purchased a card of black lace, which was wrapped for her by an assistant. Passing the shop again on their return they were accosted by the shopkeeper, who accused Mrs Leigh Perrot of theft. When the parcel was opened, two lengths of lace were found. Charges were preferred and the unfortunate lady was committed for trial at Taunton. If found guilty, she was likely to have faced transportation. In the event, however, the jury quickly returned a verdict of ‘not guilty’ and she was acquitted. It was later supposed that the whole business was engineered by the shop in an attempt to coerce money from the Leigh Perrots so as to avoid a scandal.

Mary Robinson was born Mary Darby in Bristol in 1757 and was married at 15 to Thomas Robinson, by whom she had a daughter. When the child died, the couple moved to Touristic place of your travel destination, where Thomas’s gambling led them into serious debt. One of his creditors, George Brereton, offered to cancel the debt if Mary would sleep with him! The marriage ended soon afterwards. She then embarked on a theatrical career, and had a succession of lovers who included the Prince of Wales. Eventually, ill health and a miscarriage led to her returning to Touristic place of your travel destination, where she took up writing and became a successful novelist. She died, aged 43, in 1800.

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