And I had a rough night we arrived. I like 3:00 in the morning 3:20 in the morning which is ridiculous but I guess because sapa is not actually that far, it’s only about six hours.

And I guess five. And a half hours if there’s no traffic at night we got dropped off in the middle of Hanoi like surrounded by these thieves basically like. And by thieves.

I mean taxi drivers they wanted extortion. And amounts like they wanted about 25 to 30 dollars to drive us to the airport they were trying to haggle. I was like they would not stop following us.

And actually didn’t really feel safe just wandering the streets because it was 3:30. So we ended up just following taking a very short taxi to a hostel you got to put them. And I just made new friends hello.

I have no money yeah like this basically they follow you. And they’re trying to make money from you but the cab drivers are even worse like they’ll follow you. And call you one cab driver literally followed us for five minutes.

And then went back away until we actually got to the guest house it was ridiculous last night we slept on the floor of a guest house cuz they were totally help. And we went to the guest house instead of going straight to the airport just because we didn’t want to get in those coxey’s that were clearly overcharging but anyways now we are going to the local bus because as. I said we have like only a few dollars.

And we have to just lost those few dollars but luckily we found Filipino dollars. So, we’re gonna go find a currency exchange I’d have to take a local bus to the airport. And then we will head to Bali, we’re really trying hard not to take out money from the ATM because like.

I said last time, it’s about ten dollars in transaction fees. And then you have to take off Vietnamese song. And then we have to get a converted.

So then you have to get like a percentage of your money stolen by conversion agency it just makes no sense for taking out like ten dollars you pay almost fifteen fifteen twenty dollars. And, we’re going. So struggles real we got to the airport shuttle.

And I only have Filipino pesos left. So I was like can. I pay you in Filipino pesos oh oh yeah yeah.

And a lot of times people don’t really listen to their just nod their heads. And say yes and. So when it was about time to go.

Map of VIETNAM Photo Gallery

I show him the money no no no no cannot cannot. And that’s what they always say anyway. So now, I’m luck scrambling to go find exchange place.

I can get it turned into Vietnamese dong but in the meantime, we’ve unfortunately missed our bus. And left without us, we’re gonna get the later bouts like the 9 a.m.

. So, it’s no big deal just an hour later. And we’ll still make her play time of 12.

So that was. So stressful our bus leaves in like 10 15 minutes, I’m it just a few seconds away now but I was running to every single friggin Bank trying to find someone who take Filipino pesos like none of them do it.

I was unlucky. And lucky because there’s a little thief sitting outside one of the banks who was doing her own little exchange rates. And for how much should.

I pay. I basically got 50% of the value of my money a little bit less than 50%. So she literally ripped me off but if.

I don’t get this money right now, I’m gonna miss the bus. And miss my flight. So not much you can do.

So for like what was worth about $10 in u.s. dollars.

I probably got about. I got four. And a half dollars worth.

So she got a good deal played hard. And I lost the bargain but that’s okay, I’m gonna make my bus. And at the end of the day, it’s five US dollars Singapore with 22.

I think our layover in Singapore no rush to Bali. And yeah. I was like but we haven’t eaten since last night.

So, we’re like we are flying tiger at Singapore. And we nailed it, it’s 20 kilograms loud let’s stop touching it. I want to show the viewers let go let go let go okay well or ruin the footage but, it’s 20 on the.

I went there we go 20 kilogram this is the best day ever like my credit card is not accessible online my even keeps down because of the fraud that happened a while ago. And Abby’s credit card in every other card she ever owned is not working. So.

I’ve been paying for everything for her forever. And basically money’s pretty tight nowadays because. I can’t access my credit card.

And like pay it off. And I think, I’m like like dollars away from the limit but we just had enough get Burger King, it’s actually like a miracle. I feel like, I’m in heaven see you guys, I’m Minnie.

And we are just Singapore see you later Vietnam, it’s been a slice. I’ve had some good times that’s a really really bad times but I definitely think I’ll come back here one day.

I really liked it overall. I think there’s a lot of cool things to see here. And although.

I’ve had some experiences or some really bad people here. I think that there’s a lot of amazing people too. And they definitely outweigh the bad people and.

So again. I think next time. I come back we’ll do a bike trip through all get Nam.

And I Abby wants to join the Boise River family. And it was a boy’s trip. I thought it was likely gonna be boys dress but I’ll bring you guys along Lori you can watch.

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