London Map

 Central London

It starts from the City of Westminster and ends at Trafalgar Square, in-between one can see the roads, markets, malls and shopping centers with huge population density. Eventually, you can shop from here; this place includes all the famous and trendy items and gives you some unique experiences of shopping in London.

5.    Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

It is a 5-star hotel located in Westminster Borough, London. So for a luxury stay, you can choose this place. Furthermore, this hotel has a spa, swimming pool, gym and many other facilities that give you some exceptional experiences.

6.    Heathrow Airport

An International airport located in Hillingdon, and of course, most of the international flights arrive and depart from here. When you visit in London, you’ll also de-board there and you can see how busy this airport is. It is counted among the busiest airports and comes at 6th position. Generally, visitors and tourists take a luxury taxi to Heathrow airport, as the airport gives a luxurious look from all around. And the London Aviation Group is also working to improve the airport to make it a luxurious one.

7.    Duck and Waffle

This is a famous restaurant in London and its popularity is due to its open hours i.e. one and only restaurant that opens 24/7. Moreover, you can experience the traditional British dishes and the very best tastes of local, seasonal, western, and eastern foods. Visit here anytime!

8.    London Transport Museum

It is located in Convent Garden, and gives information about the London transport. Every new public transport is first displayed here before its launch, or we can say museum displays a concept of the upcoming vehicle. When the London Metro was designed, it was first displayed here, and likewise, for the shell trains, transport bus, and underground metros. It is helpful for those who like to relocate in London, as it gives complete information about the current transport and the upcoming ones to make the traveling easier.

9.    Sea Life London Aquarium

Now, we move to the place where children would love to visit and others also like it, it’s Sea Life Aquarium where you can see the different types of fish breeds including penguins and dolphins. It is on the ground floor of County Hall and from the entrance itself one can see the great aquarium of marine life.

10.    London Zoo

It is the home for Wildlife animals and also known as the first scientific zoo which was opened in 1828. It is a Land that covers an area of 36 acres. The Group of animals here are Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Monkeys, and insects, so it completely covers all types of animals or we can say it is a basic habitat for animals. And, this massive place would be the best for children.

Using the above information, we hope we have covered all the places which are usually required in a Leisure trip. Furthermore, the above popular attractions, hotel, and restaurants are included whenever you take a London trip package from any tour and travel company. We hope you would like to experience these places on your own or maybe with your family or close ones and that’s why we mentioned some of the best places above. So book your tickets now and visit London, mark the above places in your checklist and enjoy. While returning, don’t forget to book the luxury taxi to Heathrow airport and end your trip with a luxurious experience. Enjoy the trip to the most sophisticated city-London!

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