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Hiring a minibus enables groups of people to travel in a single vehicle, potentially eliminating any danger of individuals getting lost or turning up to corporate events late. Whether you are planning a group team building day, or you are heading to a seminar or important meeting, travelling in a hired minibus also means that you can designate a single driver for a journey, and allow the passengers the opportunity to make last minute preparations.

Travelling as a group is not only good for building team morale, it means that there is less danger of the group being split up, less chance of any one individual getting lost, and there is the chance to discuss the upcoming meeting, day out, or other event. There are many sizes and styles of minibus available to hire, and this means that you can provide luxury or standard travel, and it also means that you can offer transport for any number of passengers ranging from four to 16.

Gone are the days when hiring a minibus meant using an old and uncomfortable van. The modern minibus not only offers improved ride comfort, but also offers a host of features that help ensure the driver and passengers enjoy a more comfortable and even luxurious time. There are many makes and models of minibus, including those with leather interiors, bigger engines, and additional luxury features. By choosing a minibus that will hold more people than is actually required, it is possible to enjoy even more room, which can be used to ensure everybody is able to spread out, or it can be used to carry additional luggage or equipment, as needed.

When people travel as a group, especially on corporate trips, it usually means that they will be attending meetings, seminars, or other events together. Relying on several people to get to the same location at the same time inevitably has its problems, and by using a single minibus, there is no need to arrange a meeting place and time to meet, because you will all arrive at the desired place and at the right time.

Hiring a minibus and transporting all passengers in one go, means that only one person has to act as the designated driver. Some people are more comfortable driving than others, and with a single driver it means that the rest of the passengers can discuss the upcoming meeting or seminar, and it means that individuals can even enjoy a drink. This can prove vital if you are going on a team building night out, or are planning a corporate celebration or other event.

Minibus hire provides access to any of a range of minibuses, in many different sizes and designs, and there are those with additional features that improve the comfort and luxury of all that travel. It negates the need to invest in a minibus for your business, and it means that individuals do not have to arrange their own transport or travel when going on meetings or to events.

Contact Nationwide Hire on 0500 053 899 to discuss your minibus hire requirements, or to request a quote for your next corporate event. They have a fleet of minibuses, as well as a selection of other vehicles that you can hire, and you can include a number of additional features and extras to ensure you get the hire service that you really want.

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