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There’s more to hotel and restaurant linen than tablecloths and serviettes alone, though they are two of the most common restaurant linens used in dining establishments across the country.


Some of the other linen products used in restaurants and hotel establishments include towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, chef’s wear, kitchen cloths, and aprons, to name a few of the many linen products that hotels and restaurants, along with bars and cafes for example, have need of.


Why is linen important?


Linen, whether that’s table linens like tablecloths and serviettes, or hotel linens like bedsheets and pillowcases, is important for a number of reasons, depending on where it is used. For example, with regard to dining, linen is important because:


–       It creates anticipation of the dining experience


When diners sit down to eat, the way the table is set and the table linens that it is set with, combine together to create anticipation of the dining experience. This is important and not something that you can afford to overlook as it can affect sales.


–       It adds to the ambience and atmosphere


One of the first things that diners will notice at a restaurant is the tables and the linens they are set with. As table linens add to the ambience and atmosphere of a restaurant, this sets the mood for their dining experience.


–       It defines the nature and quality of the establishment


Quality linens say so much about the nature and the quality of the establishment in which diners sit down to eat, so to present your restaurant as an establishment that will deliver the kind of experiences that diners want for themselves, quality table linens are a must.


These reasons, and many more, explain why the most successful restauranteurs in the country place such great importance on the table linens that they hire for their restaurant establishments, and hiring linen rather than buying it outright, helps them to access high quality linens at all times.


If you are looking for ways to improve dining experiences at your establishment, here are a few tips to help you choose table linens for your restaurant. Similar considerations will also apply when sourcing hotel linens for use in a hotel establishment.


–       Consider the clientele of the restaurant


Who are you trying to appeal to and what are their tastes like? Is it a casual or a formal environment that you are selecting table linens for, or is it a family establishment, one that would appeal to couples looking for romantic dining experiences, or is it a modern, chic dining establishment? Always consider the clientele when selecting table linens.


–       Consider the ambience of the restaurant


Table linens can add to, or detract from, the ambience of a restaurant. As a result, you need to consider the ambience and the atmosphere that you want for your establishment and choose the table linens accordingly.


–       Consider the style of the table linens


You can have matching table linens or linens of different colours, but don’t overlook the importance of style with regard to how you want your restaurant to look. A good place to start, if you are not sure what style of linens you should choose for your restaurant, is to look at what your competitors have opted for with theirs.


By taking into account these considerations and any others that are relevant there are usually quite a few you will find yourself empowered to select the right table linens for your restaurant.


There is a lot to be said for table linens and how they can set the atmosphere in a dining establishment, so consequently, there is a lot for you to take into account here and think about.


Choosing a linen hire service provider


With so many linen hire companies to choose from, you may find that you have your work cut out for you whenselecting a reputable linen hire company in the South East.


However, when you have a good idea as to what you need to look for, you won’t find sourcing a good service provider difficult to manage. Here are a few tips to help you select a linen hire company, one that can deliver products and service standards that meet your expectations.


–       Look for a comprehensive range of linen products to meet the needs of your establishment


There’s little point to working with a service provider that can’t provide you with a comprehensive range of linen products, so make sure that any service provider you consider is able to provide you with the linens that you need for your place of business.


–       Look for a service provider that can adhere to agreed-upon delivery times and schedules


Consistency with regard to scheduling is important, and you will find that some service providers have a much better reputation than others regarding adhering to agreed-upon delivery times and schedules.


–       Cost effective rates and prices


In order to make your products and services cost competitive for your clients and customers, you need access to cost effective rates and prices. This means that you should always enquire about rates and prices from several service providers, compare them, and look for the most cost effective offerings.


–       High quality products


Whilst cost effective rates are important, so too are high quality products, and as that old adage goes, there is no substitute for quality’, no matter how much you stand to save. Fortunately, you can easily arrange quality table linens for hire at cost effective rates, so wherever you are in the UK, make every effort to arrange premium quality table linens for your establishment at a competitive price.


Your establishment, whether it’s a bar, a caf©, a hotel, or a restaurant, can deliver the kind of experiences that your customers expect by using top quality linen products. With so many excellent service providers to select from, sourcing a good service provider, one that can provide you with premium quality linens at a great price, should not present a problem.

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