Central African Republic Travel Guide

The African country is massive with unique attractions ranging from landscapes, cultures, flora and fauna. It is also a destination famous for its endless days of sunshine and it is no wonder it is gaining popularity as a tourism destination.

The African Tourism Industry is the fastest growing in the world with every year only recording higher visitors than the previous. This steady growth which is predicted to continue into the future has in turn seen investors both local and foreigners investing in Africa. However not every part of Africa is sharing in this growth with a few countries receiving great shock due to insecurity and the Ebola scare. However, only three of the 54 countries in Africa that are affected by the deadly Ebola.

As the future for tourism in Africa looks bright, great brands are looking into expanding into most of the regions and those that have not yet invested making plans to venture into African tourism. There have been an increased number of chain hotels in the region.

Luxury, mid scale and budget are under development targeting recreational and business travelers and tourists who are on the rise in the African continent. Some countries such as South Africa are registering remarkable growth in the tourism sector.

According to reports, Sub Saharan Africa tourism sector is the fastest growing in the world, therefore a prospective business venture for foreign and local investors.

Chain Hotels such as Marriot International, which have already dominated the continent, plans to triple its numbers in the net few years and have targeted countries such as Ghana, South Africa Ghana and Nigeria.

Budget and mid scales are on the rise with a hope to dominate and take advantage of hosting both international and domestic tourists. For example, brands such as Accor are hoping to expand their mid-scale Mercure and Novotel brands across the African continent and its budget conscious brand Ibis. Major cities in Africa such as Nairobi, Luanda, Addis Ababa, Lagos, Accra and Cape Town set to benefit from this brand.


Africa has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife, archaeological sites, scenic beauty, favorable climate, magnificent outdoors, cultural diversities and the promises of great returns with minimum inputs. The industry is largely untapped in most African countries due to poor infrastructure and political infrastructure.

Africa offers many opportunities for investors to venture into in the tourism industry such as Business Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Wildlife Tourism, Paleo-tourism, eco tourism, adventure tourism and sports tourism with golf holidays in particular on the up.

Some areas of tourism are untapped in most African countries such as eco tourism, sports tourism and adventure tourism. Investors can come in, take advantage of the untapped sectors, and upgrade those that already exist like African safaris.

Since African countries are developing countries, most governments encourage foreign investors to invest, hence making the process of acquiring the correct documentation easy. Investors also receive support from the government since their investments in the tourism industry go a long way into improving a countries economy.

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