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Going for a trip away with family or your significant other is fantastic and a great way to spend a holiday, but sometimes it can be just as good, or better, to take a trip away with a group of friends. Spending top quality time away with your friends will give you a holiday you won’t forget in a hurry, so if it’s something you fancy doing, here are some ideas you and your pals could try out

Murder mystery weekend

If you fancy something a bit different that is a heck of a lot of fun then a murder mystery weekend could be the answer. Many of them involve you dressing up and getting into character and you may find yourself getting really carried away with it! They’re fantastic fun and there are plenty of different ones throughout the country if you get the bug for it and want to try out more. They’re not that expensive, either. Check them out on www.ukbreakaways.com to find some good deals.

Centre Parcs

Centre Parcs really is hard to beat with a group of friends, especially if you enjoy activities and a bit of competition. There are loads of sports and activities to take part in from badminton and crazy gold to archery and windsurfing, although if you just want to relax then there is plenty of opportunity to do so. Some of the swankier accommodation has hot tubs and games rooms so you can really chill out.

University reunion

If you went to university then you could arrange to meet up with your classmates again wherever you went to university and have a catch up and retrace old steps. You could go for a drink in your old favourite bars, take a wander round the town and even visit the halls/houses you stayed in.

Camping trip
Camping is a great, relatively low cost way to get away with your mates that allows you to pretty much do as much or as little as you want. You can spend most of your time away from the campsite and out for the days visiting the local area or you can simply stay around the campsite chatting and having a laugh sometimes that’s all you need!

Canal barge holiday
For those who want to get their sea (or river) legs, then a canal barge holiday is a great idea for a trip away. It might not seem like the most thrilling sounding holiday in the world but it’s incredibly relaxing and it’s great fun actually driving the boat. You can always stop off in certain places and stretch your legs and head out into a local town or village for lunch as well. Waterwaysis one of the most well-known providers in country so is a good place to start if you’re interested.

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