We are way off the beaten track.

And clearly, we’re not doing something that’s too touristy because they’re taking us off these the rural roads that are not very traveled. So, it’s going to be really cool. So excited okay.

I wish we had stray puppies running everywhere today’s post visit the busier than usual yeah yeah yeah okay busy day today. So, we’re going to jump from the high point. And skip everyone here.

So our first jump here is 30 feet or for Abby about 28 feet down there, I’m probably going to jump from there as well into the canyons Dave. I believe in you too one whatever you ready oh oh the big she’s got me love stop you know. I think that she knows.

I hear Abby screaming me sunshine. So super excited but Smeal we got some prawns mango hot what’s this one called the ample morkul in pork-belly you got some fish baby you what might you what you what might get Rick oh you’re such a big male this is definitely an alpha there’s. So many roosters here there’s probably about 30 of them.

Kawasan Falls Cebu – CLIFF JUMPING CANYONEERING Photo Gallery

And they go back. And forth taking turns making their friggin cockadoodledoo because they’re actually super aggressive animals, it’s basically them trying to show their dominance if they could they would actually all attack each other but you can see they’re actually they’re roped up by the legs. So they luckily can’t go on their rampage apparently every now.

And then one will get loose. And it’ll go on like a kicking screen and. So if one’s loose it can actually start hurting all the other ones assuming, it’s a good fighter they’ve got a little like almost like a spike on the back of their wrist almost.

And they file it down the natural nail. And they instead they put a basically like a two inch blade to the back of the hind legs because that’s what they strike with when they fight. And yeah most most fights end in death for one of the sometimes both.

And the losing. I guess usually gets eaten. So, it’s you know for some people, it’s definitely probably bit upsetting to hear but that’s just how their culture is.

And, it’s the same for most of Asia actually. I think fights are really big in y know they’re big in Thailand they’re really big in the Philippines are big in Malaysia Indonesia. So just part of their culture.

And you can actually see that when you get closer to them they start spreading their wings to make themselves look bigger trying to assert dominance mostly roosters can actually could attack me if they wanted to but because, I’m that much bigger than them they actually kind of back away but for the first little bit they try to act up. And when you get too close to the back down sort of we made it Brandin back to dumaguete. So, we’re taking the same ferry that we took to see Igor.

I did not expect to come back androgynous join the two April island which is the same way that’s why, we’re here.

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