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Bali is basically an island that is situated in Indonesia and the region includes in some other small islands as well. According to the census Bali registered to comprise a mixed population of various religions with a majority of Balinese Hinduism. Out of the 100% population, Bali contains 83.55 of Balinese Hinduisms and the rest fraction of population belongs to Muslims, Christians and Buddhists. Bali is a popular tourist spot that attracts a nice amount of tourist throughout the year. Bali is famous for its hugely developed art and various dance forms that include the traditional and modern style. It has been a host of many important summits and contests as well. Since Bali is situated somewhat nearer to the southern part of the equator, it experiences a soothing climate throughout the year. The mountainous regions can be cooler as compared to the lower regions. Due to the soothing climate, Bali serves as a nice and perfect place for golf players.

It is not a true fact that Bali serves as the biggest place for golf lovers but then it surely turns a game of golf in to the most relaxing game ever. It serves as a place that can be loved by both the golf players and the non-players. The soothing environment, Balinese spa, traditional art and dance, various temples, yoga etc. can make a nice impact on the health and mind of a person and hence playing golf with such a relaxed body and mind turns in to the most happening golf game ever. There are five immensely popular golfscape in Bali namely- Bali national golf club, pan pacific nirwana Bali golf club, new kuta golf, handara golf and resort Bali and Bali beach golf course. One can have the experience of playing golf in any of the above mentioned golf clubs depending upon the availability and access to the club.

Bali serves as a nice and relaxing holiday destination all together. If one really needs to take some days out of the hectic daily routine and office hassle, Bali can be the best place to relax. Due to its highly developed art and traditional practices, Bali serves a nice and positive effect to the body and mind. It serves as a rejuvenating factor for the tourists so that the tourist can get their mind and body refreshed and get back to their hometown and start with the life again. People who love to play golf and needs to go on a holiday can consider visiting Bali as Bali would fulfill both the needs. The family can have a relaxing holiday, yoga classes, massage and spa and golf lovers can enjoy playing golf along with the added treasures. Hence, in order to have a nice experience and a very relaxing holiday that involves in golf as well, one must do pre- bookings and visit Bali and experience something new all- together. The traditional dance forms in Bali are something that one would never like to miss on while visiting Bali.

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