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For an extended stay what should be the best option? A hotel or a serviced apartment? Indeed, the benefits that come with serviced apartmentsare immense and would help your stay get comfortable, cozy, and enjoyable and at the same time cost effective. Let us know about the features and benefits that come with long stay, serviced apartment and why would they be a better option than hotels.

Get the feeling of home sweet home

By choosing the right providers of long stay apartments Melbourne you will be entitled to enjoy the feeling, comfort and facilities of home away from home. These apartments are available in great number of styles and you can select one as per your affordability and necessity. They have been especially designed keeping in mind comfort and one’s independence. You get a relaxed space and need not stay confined to one room, unlike what you feel in hotels. You get your own space and can work, socialize, enjoy and relax accordingly.


These apartments are almost filled with utilities and commodities that one may require for everyday activities. They come with complementary Wi-Fi, a bathroom that’s beautiful and a functional. This way you will definitely be able to save a lot over food expenses. They also provide you with dishwashers, dryer and washers to make your stay as comfortable and easy.

Crisp and fresh setting

Even though you would get a homely setting and feel, the moment you set foot inside these apartments, you would notice that everything has been freshly cleaned. The cushions too are plumped and neatly set. The housekeeping team will be at your service and stay up for cleaning as and when you require or call for them. In case you have any problem with the maintenance issues, it would get sorted out quickly, so that your stay is comfortable and as per your need.

Modern day essentials

These apartments are well furnished and they will provide you with all essentials of modern day living. You will be able to get ample number of plug sockets so that all your devices can get charged and work as per your convenience and seating arrangement. They have television, a DVD player, a place set for work or a library section, practically everything that you would require without getting your business trip or holiday interrupted.

With more freedom to relax, work and proper space, serviced apartments are definitely becoming the need for the day. They provide you with a refreshing environment and an enhanced experience which is way too positively different than putting up at a traditional hotel. The buildings of these apartments are clean and located in the best of location, providing visitors with a pleasurable and enriching experience. They have a very distinctive style sense with a flotilla of activities and facilities worth spending time in.

Just spend one of your holiday adventures at a reliable apartment and we are more than sure that you would never want to stay in a hotel again, be it for a business trip or family holiday time. These apartments provide you with twice the average space as well as a repertoire of benefits making it but an obvious choice for people who are travelling. The best part being they are affordable and you would not need to break your bank, even if you have to stay in these apartment for a long tenure.

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