Greensboro North Carolina Travel Guide

Have you heard of how unique and amazing the Smoky Mountains are as a Natural Attraction? The Smoky Mountains can be seen all along the Tennessee and North Carolina border and are also the home a national park, first established in 1934. Within just the park, there are 78 structures inside as well as many small communities among the valleys. Five historical districts are contained inside, and there is of course the famous fog that merits the title, resulting from high vapor pressure in the environment.

You may have been convinced to come visit, but are still not sure what there is to do. Here are at least three excursions you can plan on before or after seeing the park and the huge natural land on its own.

1.Roaring Fork

One of the top attractions inside the Smoky Mountains and popular for its off trails and great hiking. You can walk through parts of it or drive, but be aware RVs and trailers are not allowed because of the narrow roads. This is a spot where you can see natural wildlife like bears. It’s a one way road and great for a relaxing drive through the real Smokies. You can also continue on your auto tour, viewing the park and its wonderful panoramic views and old hardwood forests.

2.Little Pigeon River

White water river rafting is a popular tourist destination here, particularly around Pigeon River. It’s made from a series of streams that flow together and it makes for an excellent place to explore class 3 or 4 rapids. No experience is necessary since a guide and outfitter will be accompany you. It’s about a six mile raft trip down and you’ll get to experience many jumps, splashes, drops and rapid waves. Swimsuits and shorts are encouraged along with secure shoes, not flip-flops and no bare feet. You had better bring a towel!

3.Natural Waterfalls

There are plenty of waterfalls to see in the area, which offer amazing views and a solid day of hiking. It’s a good idea for families with older children who enjoy hiking, since there are lots of rocks and uphill climbs. However, the visual reward is amazing. The range of challenge varies according to the Falls. Grotto Falls is well liked because of its views, while Laurel Falls is an easier hike. Abrams Falls is challenging too though it has a swimming hole. Rainbow Falls is another tough trek, but Cataract Falls and Spruce Flats Falls are said to be easier and safer for entire families.

A spokesman from Diamond Rentals says that adventure is the key word here, since you never know what you’re going to see in terms of nature, brilliant scenic views and exhilarating hikes that make for great exercise.

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