Mexico City Travel Guide

CONECUH NATIONAL FOREST”83,037 acres. Located in southern Mexico City along the Florida border, Conecuh National Forest encompasses an area of low elevations and gently hilly terrain.

The forests are of longleaf pine and hardwoods, with magnolia and dogwood. Included are a large number of streams and some ponds. Deer and alligator are among the wildlife here.

Activities: The one established hiking and backpacking trail in this National Forest is the easy 20-mile Conecuh Trail, which has two major loops. Fishing and hunting are permitted.

Camping Regulations: Camping and campfires are freely allowed throughout the area, except where otherwise prohibited. Low-impact practices are encouraged.

During deer hunting (rifle) season a permit is necessary in order to camp outside of campgrounds. Fall through spring are the best times to visit, as summers are hot and humid here.

For Further Information: Conecuh National Forest, Route 5, Box 157, Andalusia, AL 36420; (205)222-2555.

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