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If you are a business traveler or a bag packer, roaming around Dhaka will give you a good experience of Bangladeshi culture and history. Find the places below that you can visit during your Dhaka trip :

Sadarghat in Old Dhaka:

Sadarghat is the biggest river port of Bangladesh.it is situated at the southern part of Dhaka city on the bank of Burigangariver. It is carrying out as the witness of time for four hundred years.

Sadarghat is one of the biggest river port in the world. There are more than five hundred Motor boat and motor vehicle leave and arrive daily for carrying passenger to different places through river way and for goods. In a statistics found that daily more than fifty thousand people take this port for communication purpose and bear daily essentials through this port.

Ahsan Monjil or Pink Palace:
A Bengali landlord named sheikh Enayetullah built Ahsan Manjil during Mughal era. Then it used to the French Businessman and latterly it was the residence for the Nawab of Bangla named khajaAlimullah and lastly his grandson named Ahsan Ullah. It is situated right on the bank of Buriganga River and at the southern part of Dhaka city. At 1988 a devastating tornado cause a massive loss to this place and after that it reconstructed and flourished in a wonderful shape of architecheterial edifice.

Panam City in Sonargaon:

Panamnagar or panam city is the earliest city of sonargaonthana in Narayangonjdistrict.when the mughal took over the contro of sonargaon they constructed highway and bridges and made a new look of sonargaon and panam city. Some Mughal period still visible at present. A group of Hindu Businessman known as Talukdars chose this place as their residence.the existing brick buildings of panam city were the residence of the Hindu merchant-Talukdars. Panamnagar which developed in the earlier in nineteenth century continued to prosper till the end of the Second World War. Panamnagar, a unique township, fifty two houses in on its last legs and abandoned condition.
Metal Craft Worker Village at Dhamrai:
If you a craft work lover or interested what art work means, you must visit Metal Craft worker village near Dhamrai. It will take around 1.5 hours to reach there from Dhaka and visiting the places will enrich your experience of Bangladesh as you will find the worker designing the art work in bear hand using old wax technique in metal craft. I would recommend to buy some which would help them to survive as due to low sale most of the worker and their family left the business. You will find some old homes and temples around the place.
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