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Moving home across thousands of miles means a lot of meticulous planning. Looking for a suitable accommodation with good schools nearby in case you have kids, well-knit transportation facilities, has at least one good medical centre in close proximity and the list doesn’t end. But what happens to all those belongings you have collected and stored carefully over the years? From exotic crockery to exquisitely carved cots, transporting them long distance means you need extremely reliable movers who can shift your belongings carefully without any damages.

There are many long distance packers and movers available along the East Coast. But you need to be wary when choosing your mover. To begin with, assess the quantity of goods you are going to move. Is there more furniture or more kitchenware? Are you set to discard that television and buy a new one once you settle into your new home? Make a checklist before you start scrutinizing movers.

Make a list of service providers who fit your bill. Then start filtering the best by looking up reviews. You may check with friends who have made use of such long distance mover services to get first-hand information. When reviewing packers and movers, ensure you look into their best practices, insurance coverage, their policies in case of any damages or loss of goods, services provided which includes packing, transporting and unpacking of goods and material used for packing. You also need to note whether the transportation vehicles are conducive to move home goods. For instance, you can’t expect your belongings to be absolutely safe in a lorry. Make sure that the company also offers compensation to its workers. If not, you may be asked to cough up money to cover any injuries caused to workers involved in the transportation of your wares.

Once you have a short list of preferred long distance movers, ask them for an estimate. A reliable company will send an executive to your residence to check on the type and quantity of goods to be transported before offering an estimate. Procure details on the costs incurred if thecompany does all the packing for you and how much would you save if you do the packing yourself. When speaking to the executive, ensure you check on additional costs you may have to pay in case you decide to move a particular belonging at the last minute. Mention whether or not there is a service elevator available at your new residence to shift goods. This is because the movers may charge extra for manually carrying goods upstairs. Ask for a complete estimate, with all requisite taxes mentioned, on the company letterhead. Do not accept the request for a complete monetary transaction to ensure absolute ingenuity.

Once you finalize the moving company, get into greater details. Ensure the company labels every box packed. Check if there are any border license requirements and who would do the necessary paperwork, if any. Once you are set to move, make a list of the goods that you have been packed to be moved alongside the packing activity as this will help to keep track of your goods.

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