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The experience of the sea and the setting sun is for the life time. If you book a cruise then you have many benefits that you can enjoy. You are given free pickups and drop offs. You have the assurance of being in completely safe in the experienced hands of the captain and the crew. Enjoy the complimentary refreshments served by the ever friendly staff from the fully equipped kitchen. You can enjoy music and videos from the state of the art home theatre and audio visual system.

The Other Benefits

If you are adventurous and want some water sports then you can try some of the on board water sports. You can enjoy fishing if you are like from the complimentary package where you get fishing lines and other equipment helped by the fish sensing sonar to find out the location. Apart from all these you get the high quality service from the ISO certified company along with full coverage of insurance in case there is any unwanted mishap.

The Crew And The Captain

When you hire a boat you must be sure that you are in safe custody in the sea. The captain must be experienced and have many hours of sailing behind him to prove. He must know the sea well and have the capability to take you out of danger, if any, in the sea. As rapid and sudden change in weather is very common in the sea which can lead to turbulence, collision the captain and the crew must have all the trainings and expertise to handle the situation. They must be adept with CPR and first aid.

So, it is better that you learn and enquire about the captain and the crew before you make any Dubai Dhow Cruise Deals and know how to choose a perfect fishing boat or cruise in Dubai.

Choose The Best Desert Safari

When you choose a desert safari here are some tips to guide you so that you get the best enjoyment at an affordable cost. The type of camp you choose depends on the size of the group with whom you are traveling. There are shared camps with other groups if you have a limited budget. If you are comfortable with living with a large number of people then you can avail large private camps which can cater up to 600 people or go for a small private camp of 100 people. If you can afford then you can have private set ups where you will get the ultimate comfort and luxury. When you choose you must select a safari provider and not a wholesaler so that you get the maximum benefit and make amendments according to your choice.

The Price

Price is the most important factor to determine your choice. It is true that you what you pay for and so you must have the clear idea about the price range and the benefits enjoyed. There are different price packages like Ultra budget, economy, premium, exclusive and ultra-luxury so that everyone can enjoy the safari according to their choice and affordability.

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