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Boys usually stag do on bikes near the Sagrada Familia In Barcelona. The main fuel source on a great weekend is going to be alcohol. But we all know that alcohol is considered a depressant on your body. This means, with every shot of alcohol taken, your body slowly reduces the releasing of endorphins or the happy-hormones. This is why most of you experience those head pounding hangovers after a few shots of alcohol.

But you can’t lie on your bed with a pillow over your ears, crying in pain on a pleasant weekend in Barcelona. This is not an option at all when you are in a city like Barcelona. Fortunately, these undesirable effects can be countered immediately. You will soon be on your feet or the bar stool once again.

Taking A Ride On Your Bikes

Bike tours in Barcelona are the option for your hangover. They will not only help you experience the sun and fresh air out there but also help you with sightseeing. Although there are many tour companies operating in Barcelona, Pissup Tours are professionals in stag bike tours that will cater to all the needs of your clique.

You have nothing to worry about fitness because Barcelona is a flat city. After all, this non-strenuous bike tour is going to be the 1st ingredient in your hangover cure. Getting on the road will help get the blood flowing back. It helps release the stuck endorphins. Also, the fresh air will help wake you up and rejuvenate you.

The tour includes the roads of Old City Or Ciutat Vella to the lush meadows of the city’s Ciutadella Parc. It is a stunning spot in Barcelona. You’ll have a blast just ripping around the dirt paths in the park as well as checking out the great scenery there.

More booze is the 2nd ingredient of the Barcelona hangover cure. Although it may sound counterintuitive, this cure has been there for generations. It is much similar to the hair of the dog treatment which states that when a rabid dog bites you, the only cure is to place a hair of that dog inside the wound. This colloquial saying is being adopted by boozers around the world for centuries. But the latest science reveals that a bit of alcohol after a heavy day’s drink will not cure a hangover. But it will help alleviate the pain associated with the hangover. A beer is a great cure for your hangover. Sip a beer in front of the Cascada fountains to get over the hangover by more than 90%.

After sipping a beer in the park, it is time to see one of the best attractions in the whole of Europe – Sagrada Familia. This exalted church is the concept of Antoni Gaudi, one of the greatest architects in Barcelona. The project started constructions in 1882 which is planned to be completed by the year of 2026. This is truly a great manifestation of what most of you would call “Spanish Time.”

Head For The Sea, Sand, And Sangria

After enjoying Gaudi’s masterpiece, you should be heading off to the coastal fraternity of Barcelona. This is where you are about to discover the 3rd and final hangover cure in Barcelona – the beach. You can ride the bike from the Port Olimpic to the golden sands of Sant Sebastia. This tour will help you truly experience what makes Barcelona one of the best cities in Spain.

This area is full of a wide variety of bars and tapas. Each of which serves delicious grub and their own sangria recipes. You may park the bikes in the sand and enjoy some of these recipes. You can also gulp down a few liters of local sangria. It also provides a great opportunity for you to have a dip in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. In fact, the mix of sun, sea, and sangria is the best way to put you back on track. It will surely get your body to a hundred percent or even more than that. You will not feel like you ever had a hangover after your time on the beach in Barcelona.

Hangover Is Finally Cured
While heading back to the City Center to return your bikes, you may feel a million times much better than you did when you began the bike tour in Barcelona. It is a great setting for the evening. Also, it is one of the greatest ways to see the beauty of Barcelona while curing all your headaches. This is all you need to know to cure your hangover while enjoying your visit to Barcelona. With a little planning right now, you can make sure that your body is in great form while making the best use of your stay in the city of Barcelona.

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