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To sooth away those long hours at work, the noise from the kids, the lonely hours at home you spent working for a high profile client, you need a place to rest and relax. A spa is all you need to pamper you and make you feel a thousand times younger. If you are looking for things to do in Las Vegas, the resorts are the best you can get to revitalize your energy and elevate your aura from the inside while you enjoy a cocktail in total luxury. Let me introduce you to the best of the best when it comes to Spas in Las Vegas.

Mandarin Oriental

Built to impress and leave the guests in awe is the two-story building of Mandarin Oriental. Providing a handful of packages and deals to pick out the most satisfying selection of manicure, pedicure, steam baths and massages this spa resort is the most ravishing amongst all others. If you have an appetite for a peaceful pedicure as you bask in the sun near the pool, this is the place to go. It would lead to miracles to reenergize you and make you feel fresh and ready for absolutely anything and everything.

Aria Resort and Casino

What’s better than a relaxing spa day with your best friends? Answer: A casino to spend big bucks in and participate with all the rest gamble junkies. At Aria Resort & Casino you can enjoy a serene and peaceful massage to get your joints back in place with their heated stone beds to de-nerve those stress frowns on your face. This mega-structure resort has an exquisite taste in comfort when it comes to giving its clients a luxurious experience. They have an extensively diverse menu of treatments you can pick put from and treat yourself on your day off with their spa professionals.

Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino

It’s infamous for spoiling its customers with their relaxing spa facilities and their rich taste. Whether you want to sweat out all those toxins and relieve your discomforting feelings at the crystal steam room they have; or pay for their Arctic Igloo Room to give a chill throughout your insides. The Canyon Ranch Spaclub® also has fitness training going on, on the side to give the visitors an array of activities to choose from and participate in.

The Bathhouse

With so many options and numerous facilities for the tired and the stressed, The Bathhouse has a variety of facials, massages and foot rubs for you to indulge in. The redwood saunas, eucalyptus steam rooms, and suede covered walls in their high-class treatment rooms add to the visuals of a calming relaxed state of mind and wash away stress of your payday loans in Las Vegas. The tranquil herbal mix of therapeutic treatments they offer leaves the mind at peace. The aromatherapy at this place has surreal healing properties for the soul, mind, and the body.

Costa del Sur

Costa del Sur is a spa resort which specializes in rehydrating treatments for the skin. It helps in alleviating the mood while the body releases out all the negativity and impurity out. It has well-maintained rooms impeccably, with a refreshing aroma and scent which uplifts the entire experience and help resonate inner peace. It house many treatments for the skin, like facials and massages which assist in making a face look young and remove harmful toxins and radiation. The moisturizing lotions there have quite a handful of flavors to choose from when it comes to nourishing the body and the skin.


Bellagio houses one of the largest spa treatment facilities in all of Las Vegas with 56 treatment rooms and sauna beds and steam baths. They leave no stone unturned when giving the beast sought spa experience to their clients. The entire resort is very hospitable and inviting to their guests. While the facial treatments and salon pampering is left for the ladies to benefit from the male clients are not left neglected, their needs are well recognized, and for that reason, Bellagio has provided them with a separate barber shop and a fitness center with all the necessary staff and facilities to benefit from.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

No introduction is required when it comes to describing the luxurious palace like place Four Seasons has in store for you and all weary clients that need a prompt spa relaxation to ease away. With their mud wraps and vitamin C facials, you have a variety of organic and herbal choice in place for you, waiting to treat you in the best way possible. When looking for the best spa place to rest your head under and just breathe a sigh of relief and let go of all the worries of the world.

Sahra Spa & Salon

Inspired by the mystic nights of the Sahara desert it is well decorated with sculptures and artworks reflecting the theme. It has a wall made up of sandstones to add to the effect of their Spa place and salon. It has intrinsic meditation rooms, equipped with chairs and massage facilities. You can enjoy the sauna room or sit in the steam room to sweat out all of your worries about any no credit check payday loan. They also feature a poolside massage with a comforting variety of options of massages you can choose from and enjoy. They have four body treatment rooms and approximately 18 massage rooms to take extra care of their client’s needs.

Spa Aquae
Providing an in-house treatment for both men and women, Spa Aquae is a complete package for all spa facilities to spoil you with the waterfall shower is a unique way to stimulate blood circulation and cleanse your body from the inside and out. It has Island inspired treatments from facials, massages, body treatments and much more. The outdoor area offers an interactive treatment where everyone can join in and have a splendid time near a waterfall-like garden area. The entire experience here at Spa Aquae is peace driving and relaxing.

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