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Maharashtra is the third largest state of India and the most inhabited one. It is famous because of its capital Mumbai. When we talk about Mumbai or Maharashtra Images of beaches and Bollywood stars comes in almost everyone’s mind. Apart from this Maharashtra is known for its Vada Pav, Missal Pav and the outstanding and wonderful local dance form that is Laavani. Some of the famous tourist locations which are visited by many every year are Ajanta and Ellora caves, Matheran and Shirdi but if you are bored with the commonly visited tourist attraction and want to explore some unexplored places then take a look at the below mentioned places and travel the road which is less travelled and if you want the best packages for your trip towards Maharashtra then check out


It is a beautiful village in Malvan taluka in Sidhudurg. Tarkali is an enticing place with an exotic beach and if you want a romantic getaway from the hustle bustle of the city life then you can visit this place and enjoy the quality time with your beloved. Crystal clear water with swaying waves makes this place more beautiful. Bhogwe Beach is the famous beach because of its panoramic views, serene water and white sand stretched long. This beach is located on the opposite side of Karli River. This is a best place if you want to spend a lazy afternoon on the beach shore. Further if you are willing to enjoy some adventurous and thrilling water sport then one can visit Tsunami Island which is named after the 2004’s Tsunami. Here one can enjoy scuba diving, water scooter and snorkeling as well. If you want to tempt your taste buds with the amazing sea food then this place is a must visit.

Kaas Plateau

This place is famous for its wild flower range which blossoms in the month of August till September. It is located in the Western Ghats in Sahyadri range near Satara. The place is rich in scenic views and has more than 150 types of flowers, grasses and shrubs. This Kaas Plateau is also called Kaas Pathar and is declared as UNESCO world heritage site as well. There is one source of water also that is Kaas Lake which is a mad made lake.

Malshej Ghat

This beautiful place is the Sahyadri Range and is famous for its natural bliss; varieties of Flora and fauna, the ancient Buddhist caves and beautiful waterfalls at the time of monsoons .One can here enjoy hiking and trekking. Monsoon is the favorable time to visit this place because at that time this place provides the best shades of greenery .This place is a must visit for nature enthusiast and for the ones who want some alone time in the lap of nature.

Morachi Chincholi

The meaning of this place is dancing peacocks and a village of tamarind trees. It is located near Ahmednagar -Pune Highway. It is said that one can here find several peacocks. The best views of this place can be experienced in the early morning or in the evening. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities than this place has opportunities for you as well and if you do not wish to walk down the area, you can here hire a tractor or bullock cart to explore this place.

This is small different world blessed with exclusive landscapes. It is located near Murbad and is only 3 hours away from Mumbai. Here one can enjoy the panoramic views of water falling from a certain height, green carpet laid all over and the delightful views of sunrise and sunset. Palu is a good option for a heavenly getaway.

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