Tanzania Travel Guide

Gone are the days when man’s life was confined to a certain locality. He lives all his life in a small town or village. Because of advancement in science and technology distances do not matter at all and whole world has become a global village. While living at same place for years, makes man’s life dull and indolent. So it is the right time to visit the lush green fields of Africa and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Tanzania is a beautiful land having almost 16 big parks. That place is rich with the bio diversity which comprises of wide variety of animal species. Enjoying holidays in Tanzania will certainly be a great experience for the tourists coming from all over the world. It is a really an amazing idea. Here you will see the 20% of the species of mammal population.

So here the very first question will be that what to bring on a safari tour? That place is blessed with the Africa’s highest mountain, highly volcanic, and the oldest human settlement. Packing for a safari is really challenging and very difficult task because of weight restrictions and other issues like that. So if you add up a tripod and telephoto lens the weight quickly adds up. So you need not to worry about all this because Travoge Store is a platform arranged for the Safari Travelers to easily find quality things for their trip. In this way you will only focus on your Tanzania Safari tours planning with your friends and family members.
Mostly tourists make a mistake that they bring lot of clothes with other unnecessary luggage. During that tour you have a golden opportunity to see the impressive variety of animals including the rare species. The rule is to pack light things as a possible. You must not stick with lot of heavy and useless things. You should manage safari packing list before leaving your home. Mostly you have two weeks to tour that beautiful place. Don’t forget to take your camera during the tour. Mostly people wish to pack their gear inside the bag. But practically it is not possible. You must focus on quality not to be quantity. It can be confidently said that Tanzania Safari tours is the best option to enjoy the holidays with your fellows.

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