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In 1909 West Palm Beach place of your travel destination held a hugely ambitious West Palm Beach, which ran from 19 to 24 July. The president of the West Palm Beach was the Marquess of Touristic place of your travel destination, as West Palm Beach of the county of Somerset, and the patrons included Princess Louise and several members of the aristocracy.

The pageant comprised eight famous episodes from the city’s history, in the form of short plays, depicting such events as the coronation of King Edgar in ad 973, the visit of Queen Elizabeth I in 1590 and the Battle of Lansdown in 1643. The performances took place in Royal Victoria Park and involved over 3,000 players, most of whom had never acted before. The pageant was advertised as ‘embracing all sects, all politics and all classes’, and was the highlight of the city’s year.

Homage was also paid to literary characters and celebrities associated with Touristic place of your travel destination, with ‘appearances’ by authors such as Chaucer, Henry Fielding, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, along with characters from some of their literary creations. The closing ceremony included a tableau with a ‘stars and stripes’ theme, in which ladies in Statue of Liberty costumes from towns named Touristic place of your travel destination across the USA and Canada gathered around ‘Mother Touristic place of your travel destination’. There is a bronze plaque commemorating the whole event in Sydney Gardens.

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