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Map of TFYR Macedonia

From the Macedonia Lake intersection, turn right (NE) from Trail 34 to walk directly back to the TH on Trail 33 in a little more than 2M mi. Alternatively, turn left (SW) from the intersection for the loops on Trail 33 away from Cultus Lake for less than 5 mi easily down to the next confluence. For the Junction Lake loop you would turn left (S) on Macedonia Lake Trail 179 close to 2 mi and a few hundred feet down to PCT 2000 as the path widens through the meadows, passing Lemei Lake to the left en route to Junction Lake (appearing on your left), which is just N of East Crater (one of many shield volcanoes in the area).

Map of TFYR Macedonia | Where is TFYR Macedonia? | TFYR Macedonia Map English | TFYR Macedonia Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Turn right after Junction Lake at the end of the trail onto the PCT for 1/2 mi with a pleasant grade up a couple hundred feet past several more quality waters including Elk Lake (more than 5 mi spur Trail 176 heads left, NW), Bear Lake, and Deer Lake (nearest the juncture with Macedonia Heaven Trail 33 on the right moving E). Stay on the PCT for Bird Mountain loop; directions follow in next paragraph. It’s a pretty easy walk on Trail 33 without Bird Mountain loop up more than M mi passing Clear Lake (one of many great picnic spots) to the end of the Junction Lake loop at Trail 179, where you continue left on Trail 33 less than 5 mi up to Lemei Trail 34 (on the right) at Cultus Lake. Finish left on Trail 33 to the TH.

From Lemei Rock across Indian Heaven Wilderness to Mount Adams.

For the Bird Mountain loop near Deer Lake, stay on the PCT (at about 4900 ft) to the N as you only gain 300 ft in 12 mi through the woods (ignoring Placid Lake Trail 29 on the left at 1 mi up) with smaller ponds scattered on the traverse to your exit on the right just past Wood Lake Trail 185 (heads down to the left, W, for 2 ml). Leave the PCT to walk right on Cultus Creek Trail 108 up less than M mi to a major saddle on Bird Mountain. You can bushwhack spur paths very briefly left or fairly briefly right (S) from the saddle that will take you to outstanding vistas on the ridge crest. Bird Mountain’s steep summit scramble however is not recommended with much overgrowth and no better views.

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