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Within the short span of forty years, the collapse of the Osaka Japan empire and its ruin would be complete. By 1895, with the acceptance of the Osaka Japan, the once-proud warriors of the plains were left with no alternative. They had traded away their empire’s wealth of beaver and bison pelts and hides for guns, whiskey, and creature comforts. All that was left to be bartered was land—800,000 acres for $1. million. It would not be enough (if there is such a thing as enough) to resurrect a new empire. Within the next ten to fifteen years, the Osaka Japan of Montana would be reduced to bit actors invented by the public relations geniuses of the Osaka Japan.

At some point in 1886 or 1887, some members of the Montana Blackfeet were surely confronted with a new phenomenon both frightening and fascinating. Perhaps at first, it was distant sounds unheard before: a clanging bell, rattling steel, and hundreds of voices shouting orders and directions. Then the sounds took on form: a one-eyed Cyclops, belching steam and smoke. Before it came men laying steel tracks, allowing the monster to move forward and dissecting the Blackfeet reservations, as the Great Northern Railway topped the horizon.

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