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So we just arrived in what is the port to go to Costa met. So, we’re gonna take a ferry across. So it takes like 45 minutes we were actually here a month ago but, we’re coming back.

And yeah, I’m just gonna hang out here for a couple days because we wanted to get away from Bangkok. So this Thai woman got mad at one of the guys for smoking on the beach. And she took a cigarette.

And burned him with it. So we went to the bathroom. And the lady just locked them in there.

I don’t know why she’s probably trying to make them pay for something you guys locked in there what you made it out there unveil at least like a minute. And a half. And he’s still holding the phone trying to find the right angle bro you know he’s clicked the button a thousand times still going are you still looking good right.

I really want to look he’s still going oh yeah readjust readjust there we go. I always found the lighting yeah Oh throw the arm up there we go that’s the world’s longest selfie. I think you found it though.

I have to stop filming this oh he’s back at it, I’m gonna get a selfie with him what a better way to dine yeah is this a table table Wow John you guys for tonight, it’s all right did we woke up this morning. And I opened the door. And there was a dog laying right there.

And I came over here. And I realized this guy’s here these are new house pets this is Timothy Newton that’s excused him, it’s a bit he’ll mannered at times but, it’s got a kind soul. I needed some interesting thing say stuff for my vlog yeah say something interesting no good no you can’t just pressurize me to say something nice no fries no word.

I can see myself my glasses pressure pressure you’re pressuring so much now you’re pressuring them Pippa. So if you’re gonna come to Costa met this is where you want to stay nah this is Naga Resort.

And restaurant apparently, it’s not a hostel it was like seventeen hundred baht for five of us. So that’s like. I don’t know how much is that, it’s like less than nine dollars to stay for the night.

And, it’s like a really nice place we had an awesome balcony. And you’re right across from the best bar slash Club on Kosovo which is called Naga bar this is just a daily occurrence for you this struggle to stay standing. So, it’s that last night here in Costa met we just came for a couple days.

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And one night but can head back to Bangkok for the first time. I actually have to do a bit of school work because. I have class on Tuesday.

And I have a project that’s due but should be easy anyway. So you got the very early deserved he doesn’t even have to do it just licked the camera hey Philip was a good puppy yeah you are do you think they’ll notice if we steal yeah you’re mine now, I’m gonna keep you squads hitting up 7-eleven, I’m gonna get some toasties sure is oh thank heaven 7-eleven that’s their slogan gonna get some what are these called toasties hello to toasties Dublin cop. I am.

So adapted to the culture at 7-eleven you have an array of different liquors. And alcohols quite the place by a phone you’re coming in a bikini times are tough when you’re buying clothing from 7-eleven this is. So good the bread one’s even better than the croissant ham goes on cheese more could you ask for I’ll be good Felix yo-oh a challenger has approached he looked angry feels like oh jeez that’s a staredown if.

I ever saw one we don’t like you hey hey you’re gonna do it do it now cuz. I don’t wanna film everything just went swimming for about an hour in the water, it’s just. So nice, it’s like perfect temperature this is right in front of our hostel if you look like you’ve been going around for a month with the size of your bag almost hell no this is Oh Jim had the neatest time wasn’t how neat was that couldn’t ask her in need of time that’s for sure tip you sure worked up a sweat gee whiz holy particles get me some boat please watch your head upon exit.

And keep your arms inside of the vehicle at all times thank you very much like the oh, it’s recording right now hello but boy.

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