Mud Bath with Elephants

Why LF. I carry the baby 24 months yeah people only name. I already complain event a beautiful man never complain, it’s naughty boy oh is taking your wife naughty boy that’s my water bud that was fast though pull the fast one on me huh.

I don’t know if you want to drink that anymore yeah here what’s this no don’t let him. And do it okay go don’t spit it on me yes. I was expecting here we go respect the size of that one.

I know he just pushes your head he walks very aggressively buddy that’s a big poof also here’s the old one you can see us, it’s a hide is much more worn yeah, I’m sure baby this is a pregnant one. So this one is 10 months pregnant oh is this where the baby is to feel the baby move inside does it move damn damn damn moving can’t. I know it looks like, it’s moving many too many babies does this elephant have add the nfn matching my head cheerful baby three for babies in life yeah baby to be the baby six to eight years you could be second baby do they take care of their babies Solar six or seven every elephant stay together the baby David man at UT gear until six years he’s looking for more water bottles naughty boy looking for water.

I can see how he grabs bags now. I could see how that would hurt if you got slapped what’s naughty boys name PETA PETA oh well you reaching for a little baby still breastfeeding he’s drinking milk oh he doesn’t use this tough. I think he uses actual mouth no you know anyway time to get some more food well.

So strong. I don’t want to get in the way of that they’re just. So unique you know there’s not there’s no animal that really compares like no that’s my oldest corn here.

I got you buddy the baby just ate dirt look at the elephants even bending its knee to try to get to her too humming, it’s gave me – if that thing Scott pays is good tennis scratches back look who wears limbo player of all time mm-hmm. So, we’re heading backs get some lunch it was really cool super cool the elephant’s are so playful and.

Mud Bath with Elephants Photo Gallery

So fun yeah the little naughty boy what’s his name, it’s like pita or peat pizza yeah. I got spat on a couple times too, it’s just when you’re up. And close.

And personal with them you realize there’s like no other animal in the world. And you kind of feel that they’re actually slightly human-like the way they kind of understand. So we just had an all you can eat Thai food buffet in this little tiny hut overlooking the waterfall the Sun really takes it out of you.

So we just took a quick nap. And, I’m feeling refreshed ready to go swim with the elephants you’re now in the waterproof casing. So the sound is not as good Oh there is naughty boy.

So once you check make sure he’s not just talking over watch out he’s getting up Oh again. So clumsy oh god he’s making eye contact you can Emily tell the difference between the kids middle Oh if you didn’t know anything he was like dying look at Lori’s rolling around gotta clean the other elephant off, I’m surprised they don’t step on each other but I guess, it’s like.

I literally have a lot of my nose look at this jumper naughty boys that’s okay you’re just saying Oh naughty boy baby mama Helen oh wow you can hear its head hit the ground it like with a thumb it’s so heavy oh my gosh Oh these two elephant lovers are heading out after a solid day here at elephant jungle sanctuary. So that’s the name of it if you guys are wondering where good spot is to go elephant jungle sanctuary, it’s much cheaper.

So some of the more well-known ones are about 5000 to 6000 baht around 6000 baht which is about 150 canadian or like 125 u.s. whatever but this one here is less than half the cost.

And you do the exact same things. And one of the great things about this one that even the more well known ones is they actually don’t let you ride the elephants here. And even the the big ones here in Thailand do let you ride.

And over time that really runs down the elephants. And that actually starts hurting their backs over time and. So kind of nice to see this one here making.

And say our really amazing day. And now, we’re heading to the airport. And we go back to Bangkok tonight by king of the jungle.

And bye bye arch it you have anything we come into my company okay well we hope you see you again this time yeah okay happy. I happy we are Tommy. I have the job okay you don’t come here.

I know how to do. I stay home what we do is peanut yeah thank you for sure thank you take care of naughty boy yeah what’s up. I really need to get home, I’m burnt, I’m dirty.

And I a shower. So excited to get home to Bangkok yeah tomorrow. I’ve got to find a project that’s due for one of my classes, it’s a group presentation.

And we haven’t even started yet. So hopefully we meet up early tomorrow morning. And wing it should be good.

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